December 30, 2011

day 30 and prince charming

welp, it's day 30 already. just ONE MORE day of dressember and i already know what dress i'll be wearing to celebrate NYE! It's pink and frilly and will be perfect for my mellow evening.

The other day, i showcased the top of the this dress with a tulle skirt...reminder warning!

and today i'm highlighting the bottom! pairing it up with the a thrifted, fairy tale sweater. i don't think i necessarily agree with these sleeves but i like them just the same.

and it's finally friday so i plan to live happily ever after...
for the rest of the day, anyway.

happy weekend to you!


  1. I need to participate in this next December. I LOVE wearing dresses.

  2. Way to go fellow Dressemberist. I'm so proud of us!