December 15, 2011

day 15! pass the balls and berries

this is my most favorite dress. it's flouncy and flowery and has pockets. i can wear it with bare legs, with jeans or leggings. i can make it shorter or longer by adjusting the straps. aaand i could probably wear it if i were pregnant. oh, someday!

it was decently popular last dressember, like here and here and here, oh! and here too...i don't lie. and it will probably be popular again this year, especially as the days go on and i kinda, maybe start to yearn for shirts and pants.

yep, yep. i'm human. and sometimes dressember is hard.

but moving on!

a few nights ago, we took a little trip to ikea. hells yes.

this excited me because i will use any excuse to go to ikea...

hank, we should probably look for cheap frames at ikea. look at all these photos!!!
hank, i bet we can find a super cheap stool at ikea! because ya know, we need more seating.
hank, remember when you said you wanted new pillowcases, the cheapest are at ikea. i'm a money-saving wife!

and the most common:
hank, i must have swedish meatballs and lingonberries, like NOW.



  1. What a fun little Ikea date! :)
    I don't know what lingonberries are, but I hope they're nothing like dingleberries.

  2. You had me at IKEA. <3

    The amount of times I say 'I want Swedish meatballs and lingonberries!' per week is quite ridiculous. Makes me feel better someone else in the world actually utters those words! X