November 9, 2011

today is what day?

ok, so i almost posted this: It's Friday, Friday!!! 


but then, i realized it wasn't. sad face.

sooo yeah, it's wednesday. happy hump day?

i come to you today to recap a fancy [read: not fancy] little camping trip i took recently. on the last weekend we could possibly endure the cold mountain weather, some pals and i went a little retro and totally didn't shower for days and days [read: 2 days]...ahem, as if i don't do that on the regular.

yes, i just typed on the regular.
yes, i skip shower days when i feel like it. or when i'm late for work. this happens fairly often.

back to the wilderness.

we pitched tents, made fires, roasted marshmallows, went on hikes, talked and laughed the whole weekend through. it was really just a weekend of simple things and relaxing.

i enjoy both.

have a grrrreat weekend! oh wait, it's still wednesday.



  1. I will have you know that today, I did not shower.
    Am I ashamed? No.
    Am I hungover? Yes.

  2. Yesterday was totally Friday for me. Happiness!