November 4, 2011

sweet november

The weeks have been flying by. I can't keep up. November. Um, November?!

November 2011. Sheesh.

This month has been long anticipated for two friends of mine. Two friends that will marry next Saturday.

My friend, Ricki, has been planning her wedding for over a year now. She started thinking about all the details of her big day way back last summer. I couldn't even plan a week in advance. She had a million ideas and has now been able to whittle them down to what will be a spectacular day indeed.

Last night was our final craft night. We, the bride and her bridal party, sat about, finishing the little extras and checking off lists. We ate and talked and laughed the night through. When we left, she hugged each of us, thanked us for our time and said she couldn't wait for Saturday to come.

I feel the same way, Ricki darling.

One more week and you'll be a married lady. It's such a wonderful thing and I can't wait for you to know the feeling.

All my Love,

...and now, a Ricki/Vicki blast from the past montage!

circa 2006/2007



  1. so excited for next weekend! Yay!

  2. thank you for the feature V! fun times and can't wait to make more! :-) thank you chica! xoxo