November 27, 2011

post turkey pbm

we are lucky ducks and get two thanksgivings each year. one of the few benefits of a divorced family, ha! here is my sister and myself post-turkey munchin', round 2. it's safe to say we were full, tired and um, extremely talented in the photobooth coordination timing department.

i always try and make her sit in front of me because i have a bigger head. she fights me on you can plainly see below. i think it's only fair. small head = foreground. big head = background. it's all about the angles.


i have so many fun pictures and memories to share from this long weekend but it is 10:37 pm, i still need to pack for my trip tomorrow and i am soooo sleepy. so, it must wait.

but please do return and see what's to come.

happy monday. :)

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