November 17, 2011

hello, it's me

Remember when i didn't blog for days and then came back and posted this life altering, mind-blowing, award worthy shit?


well, in the meantime! i have big news!

i found my crimper today. yes, it is directly from 1987 and still works like a champ. in my endless quest for extremely huge hair, the crimper has offered temporary support and assistance on many occasions.
today, was no different.

disclaimer: it is normal to feel insanely jealous.

but seriously, 5 minutes and my hair is transformed.
dude, the 80s knew its shit.

and as an extra bonus...look! it's michelle from mishlovinlife! ain't no thang, just rockin' her latest purchase from UO - a sweater that i may or may not buy later today because it is snazzilicious.

also, more delicious news! it's almost FRIDAY!

just wait for tomorrow when i tell you what i'm eating for dinner! i know, i know. you probably should just keep this page open.


  1. I love it!!!
    Dare I say we start a NEW blog.
    Fashion Forward.
    As one.
    Dare I?!?!?!

  2. Dude, I think mine is still at my mom's house! I'm going to ask her to mail it up! :)

  3. krissy - this is no joke. call your mom now!

  4. I remember the day I threw my crimper away, from under the bathroom sink as I packed up the rest of my shit to move to San Diego. sad.

  5. Oh my gosh, I used to love my hair crimper!