November 30, 2011

December starts tomorrow...come to me, dresses

ok, so i know, i know...i was supposed to update you with thanksgiving weekend excitement. and i think i still will but i MUST interrupt this pre-scheduled blog plan to remind you that my most favorite time of year is HERE!

tomorrow is december first. and do we know what happens on decemeber 1st and continues on through the rest of the month...

i'm so excited. this face is my proof. 
blythe started it all back in 2009

oh yes, yes, it is.

what does this mean, you ask?

it means that for each day in december, i will be wearing a dress. that includes weekdays, weekends, holidays, lazy days and the like. i will not, however, go to bed in a dress - unless said dress is a nightgown, which shoot, maybe i can make happen as well.

dresses may be worn more than once. you can wear them with shorts, pants, leggings, skirts even - but there must always be a dress in the mix.

i did it last can click on the dressember link to the left to see the madness.

this year's goal is to be super creative with it. i'm obsessed with bright colors lately so i'm hoping i can work some in on most days.

and that's it!

i do hope you'll join me on my daily account of dress adoration. i blow you a kiss and remind you of the last pair of jeans and top you'll see until the new year.

hot damn, im so ready for this.

in dresses, we trust.


  1. YAY! I love Dressember! I will be living vicariously through you, due to the fact that I only own like 4 1/2 dresses. GOD SPEED.

  2. ALSO.

    I'm jealous that you're wearing flip flops. what the fuck.

  3. mandee - i know my flippys are not maryland attire at the moment but to this i say: come out here and visit! thanks for loving dressember.

  4. I found your blog through the dressember facebook page and I LOVE it!!! Literally read spent like 10 minutes reading through some of your old posts!!! Anyways, so excited to participate for the first time this year!! =)

  5. So to be in part of it, I bought one dress during lunch break! Excited!!