November 30, 2011

December starts tomorrow...come to me, dresses

ok, so i know, i know...i was supposed to update you with thanksgiving weekend excitement. and i think i still will but i MUST interrupt this pre-scheduled blog plan to remind you that my most favorite time of year is HERE!

tomorrow is december first. and do we know what happens on decemeber 1st and continues on through the rest of the month...

i'm so excited. this face is my proof. 
blythe started it all back in 2009

oh yes, yes, it is.

what does this mean, you ask?

it means that for each day in december, i will be wearing a dress. that includes weekdays, weekends, holidays, lazy days and the like. i will not, however, go to bed in a dress - unless said dress is a nightgown, which shoot, maybe i can make happen as well.

dresses may be worn more than once. you can wear them with shorts, pants, leggings, skirts even - but there must always be a dress in the mix.

i did it last can click on the dressember link to the left to see the madness.

this year's goal is to be super creative with it. i'm obsessed with bright colors lately so i'm hoping i can work some in on most days.

and that's it!

i do hope you'll join me on my daily account of dress adoration. i blow you a kiss and remind you of the last pair of jeans and top you'll see until the new year.

hot damn, im so ready for this.

in dresses, we trust.

November 27, 2011

post turkey pbm

we are lucky ducks and get two thanksgivings each year. one of the few benefits of a divorced family, ha! here is my sister and myself post-turkey munchin', round 2. it's safe to say we were full, tired and um, extremely talented in the photobooth coordination timing department.

i always try and make her sit in front of me because i have a bigger head. she fights me on you can plainly see below. i think it's only fair. small head = foreground. big head = background. it's all about the angles.


i have so many fun pictures and memories to share from this long weekend but it is 10:37 pm, i still need to pack for my trip tomorrow and i am soooo sleepy. so, it must wait.

but please do return and see what's to come.

happy monday. :)

November 22, 2011

pin it, curl it.

maybe it's time to get your sponge curlers out again.

last week, crimped.
this week, curled.

next week....only time will tell!

though i'm sure it will involve some top knots and high buns. it's sorta my thang.

November 21, 2011

i kinda forgot...

that it was monday. sowwy!

photobooth a la macbook pro, suckas.

i'm curling my hair for no good reason tonight.

i will have dreams of huge lioness waves and curls for a fancy tuesday morning.

aren't you sooo excited for the pictures??!

i know, i know.

November 20, 2011

walk this way

during our misty sunday morning walk, 
i noticed some pattern and repetition in the neighborhood;
seemed a shame not to pay it any attention. 

patterns everywhere. oh, city planning, you're kinda pretty.

also, holy snakes, is it pouring out!!
hope all my car windows are closed...

November 18, 2011

oh look! a white note from me.

Inspired by Mindy Kaling - per the usual - I took a little break and created my very own personalized stationary on today.

turns out...i like plain things.

now, go read her blog on these and then come back and ask me which ones i ordered...

hint, hint.

November 17, 2011

hello, it's me

Remember when i didn't blog for days and then came back and posted this life altering, mind-blowing, award worthy shit?


well, in the meantime! i have big news!

i found my crimper today. yes, it is directly from 1987 and still works like a champ. in my endless quest for extremely huge hair, the crimper has offered temporary support and assistance on many occasions.
today, was no different.

disclaimer: it is normal to feel insanely jealous.

but seriously, 5 minutes and my hair is transformed.
dude, the 80s knew its shit.

and as an extra bonus...look! it's michelle from mishlovinlife! ain't no thang, just rockin' her latest purchase from UO - a sweater that i may or may not buy later today because it is snazzilicious.

also, more delicious news! it's almost FRIDAY!

just wait for tomorrow when i tell you what i'm eating for dinner! i know, i know. you probably should just keep this page open.

November 14, 2011

midday reminiscing

character list:

kevin - a 5' 6 3/4" awesome kind of guy
basketball player wedding guest  - - yes, that says 7'0"
carrie - kevin's loving girlfriend
victoria - oh, that's me!

@ 2:30pm on a typical Monday...

Carrie: remember the time Kevin went up to the basketball player at the wedding and said "hi, as you can probably tell by my height I play basketball too. I''m Kevin"


he just told me last night

oh i wish i had been there

i'm so glad I wasn't there


end scene. 
hot damn, i love this.

and them. 

also, carrie has a blog. you should read it. it's deep. 

November 13, 2011

pbm - scenes from a wedding

and when phone apps aren't enough...

go sit in a real photobooth. 

congrats to ricki and geoff. 
it was beautiful, beautiful. 

November 9, 2011

today is what day?

ok, so i almost posted this: It's Friday, Friday!!! 


but then, i realized it wasn't. sad face.

sooo yeah, it's wednesday. happy hump day?

i come to you today to recap a fancy [read: not fancy] little camping trip i took recently. on the last weekend we could possibly endure the cold mountain weather, some pals and i went a little retro and totally didn't shower for days and days [read: 2 days]...ahem, as if i don't do that on the regular.

yes, i just typed on the regular.
yes, i skip shower days when i feel like it. or when i'm late for work. this happens fairly often.

back to the wilderness.

we pitched tents, made fires, roasted marshmallows, went on hikes, talked and laughed the whole weekend through. it was really just a weekend of simple things and relaxing.

i enjoy both.

have a grrrreat weekend! oh wait, it's still wednesday.


November 4, 2011

sweet november

The weeks have been flying by. I can't keep up. November. Um, November?!

November 2011. Sheesh.

This month has been long anticipated for two friends of mine. Two friends that will marry next Saturday.

My friend, Ricki, has been planning her wedding for over a year now. She started thinking about all the details of her big day way back last summer. I couldn't even plan a week in advance. She had a million ideas and has now been able to whittle them down to what will be a spectacular day indeed.

Last night was our final craft night. We, the bride and her bridal party, sat about, finishing the little extras and checking off lists. We ate and talked and laughed the night through. When we left, she hugged each of us, thanked us for our time and said she couldn't wait for Saturday to come.

I feel the same way, Ricki darling.

One more week and you'll be a married lady. It's such a wonderful thing and I can't wait for you to know the feeling.

All my Love,

...and now, a Ricki/Vicki blast from the past montage!

circa 2006/2007


November 2, 2011

can i brag for just a second?

because i honestly can't stop staring at this sparkly wonder.

it was our one year anniversary.
i did not expect another ring.

but i got one.
one whole ring for one whole year.

the second band showed up in my hand on the morning of our anniversary. and then...

i cried.

seriously, hank, you're like, totally the coolest guy ever.