October 4, 2011

tuesdays with easton

i love this guy. he is honestly, the sweetest, cutest, most lovely dog i've ever known. he's the only dog i've owned as an adult so perhaps i'm a little biased but for the record...

i used to be a little less than in love with him.

growing up, we didn't have pets. my mom was allergic to cats and the one dog we did have was a lab with wanderlust.

so when hank wanted a puppy, i was excited aaaand skeptical. but i like change (big time) and so i was eager to get him in our home. luckily, across the country, in the little town of long island, easton and his sister bug were born. bug went to live with hank's sister (my now sister!), lauren in connecticut and easton came out to california to live with us.

it was an adjustment.

he was a hairy, smelly, needy, hungry, thirsty, poop machine. yes, the cutest of all those things but still...i was used to having an easily cleaned home, a serene environment and being on my own time.  and if he chewed up my favorite book or a new box of tissues - both common targets of his - i was not a nice mommy.

but as time goes on...

even now, each day, i grow to love him even more.

this does not necessarily mean i'm a dog person. there are some that i reach out to pet and adore while there are still others that i'm not the least bit interested in. no idea why. and that doesn't really bother me.

who says we need to love all dogs, any dogs, anyway?


  1. AGHHHH, he is SO cute. I wish I could meet him.

  2. The second picture should be an "I miss you" card and should say something like "I wish you were here to play with me"