October 31, 2011

PBM! and Halloweeeen

Look! It's Mish!!

We're partying in downtown SD just for kicks. This was our last stop which means it was also our drunkest! My double chin is a personal favorite.

So, Happy Halloween to you and yours. It's a grand ole holiday when people get to dress up like their favorite characters. And I especially love that because I think everyone should live outside of their shell. Proclaim your crazy! Wave your flag.

As we all know, I dream of living on a farm one day, away from it all. So naturally (and because overalls are the most comfortable things EVER!), I am a farmer today.

Take a look at our work peeps.

This was taken just after Jesus forgave us all our sins. SWEET!

Now, go forth and get yo'self some candy.

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!
    We must schedule girls nights more often, yo!!!
    And also, very happy to see I made it to your PBM post!