October 3, 2011

oh, hellooooo there monday. photobooth cometh.

it's pbm ya'll. 

this photobooth brought to you from the back of a big, black tahoe on it's way up to LA. 
we ventured on said trip to witness the final wedding dress fitting of our dearest ricki @ the fabulous Priscilla of Boston in beverly hills. 
if you didn't know already, parking there is a bitch. a rich bitch. 

{sidebar: when i lived there - yes, i lived in LA for some years - i hated parking in beverly hills. the only time we'd go and suffer the drama was 1. we knew of a decently priced parking garage within 10 blocks of any place we wanted to be or 2. we wanted to eat at el torito grill, seriously, the tortillas there are ba-na-nas}

and on that note...

everyone there is a skeleton. i didn't even finish my lunch because of all the bones walking around  with their starving judgmental faces. 

it was all good though, i made up for it at dinner back at home. 
extra servings of linguini with clams, thank you. 

also, i found my latest color and texture obsession. 
just, uh, just look at it. 

did you cry a little?
it's ok. i did too. 

{note: this is NOT from her dress.}

so congrats ricki! you're going to look beautiful. it's a fact. 
i can't wait to be part of the celebration! 


oh and here's a shot of the san diego sky, circa friday night. 

yeah, she has her moments. 

enjoy your week, lovers! 


  1. B-E-A-Utiful!
    Love that last picture...and the pink...okay, I loved it all!

  2. Ba-na-nas made me laugh. Are you a watcher of the Zoe? It's a lazy Saturday pleasure of mine... talk about skeleton. Sheesh! Sounds like a dreamy day, minus the parking. XO

  3. meg - am i a zoe watcher?! i am a zoe lover. i should probably do a post about it. yep.