October 9, 2011

hey, hey, it's another photobooth monday!

this is my darling ali - we are in full wedding mode here, on the dance floor {all alone, i might add} and ready to party. if i had to guess, we're about 3 glasses of wine in at this point. our plan was to coordinate our faces - as you can see, we needed a few practice rounds.

i'd say though, that we have the smiling routine down pat.

and then, at about 4 glasses in, i sat down at my table, borrowed my pal, erin's  glasses and proceeded to compile headshots for my acting career.

ahem, talent scouts! take note.

and then, the most important part of my weekend...celebrating my one year anniversary with my guy. my most favorite husband on the planet. nay! universe.

who says you never wear your wedding dress again?

i love you, hank.