October 7, 2011

falling leaves, crisp air breeze

autumn has arrived.

i smelled it yesterday. it's the smell, always, that let's me know it's official.

sunny and cool, crisp and light.
oh, such hope and delight.

long skirts and boots, fallen leaves that crunch.

fires at home, warm cups of tea.
extra blankets and socks on your feet.

come and get me, fall.
take me, i'm yours.

my arms are spread,
my eyes are closed,
i feel the wind, i'm almost home.


aaand just in time for my one year anniversary with my love, hanky b. it's tomorrow. it came so very quickly and i can't believe how easy it was. a year!
oh, how i can't wait for the rest!
i love you, dude.

1 comment:

  1. Nice shots!! I miss the fall when there's falling leaves to rest my feet on...Happy one year in marriage!