October 26, 2011

eye-wear is serious business

i went to try some specs last night.

i thought i would go for the more square types but dang, am i drawn to these bigger lenses. i'm still undecided. pretty sure i'll have to scour each and every store at my disposal before i make this very important purchase.

and as i do, hank will get to have his own fun. he's all about this next pair.

i've already informed santa. but who knows with his busy schedule, if he'll get around to it. i'm rooting for ya, husband!

after a long evening of spec shopping, i strongly suggest some shadow shenanigans.
i also approve of alliteration.
hope you all have a lovely evening!


  1. I like those round ones! They look mighty nice on you.
    I also like your shadow pictures.
    I'm basically trying to say...I like you. So there.