October 31, 2011

PBM! and Halloweeeen

Look! It's Mish!!

We're partying in downtown SD just for kicks. This was our last stop which means it was also our drunkest! My double chin is a personal favorite.

So, Happy Halloween to you and yours. It's a grand ole holiday when people get to dress up like their favorite characters. And I especially love that because I think everyone should live outside of their shell. Proclaim your crazy! Wave your flag.

As we all know, I dream of living on a farm one day, away from it all. So naturally (and because overalls are the most comfortable things EVER!), I am a farmer today.

Take a look at our work peeps.

This was taken just after Jesus forgave us all our sins. SWEET!

Now, go forth and get yo'self some candy.

October 27, 2011

i like boys

this line-up of boys were at my wedding reception.

i like boys in bow ties....especially that one in the middle. yoweee!

October 26, 2011

eye-wear is serious business

i went to try some specs last night.

i thought i would go for the more square types but dang, am i drawn to these bigger lenses. i'm still undecided. pretty sure i'll have to scour each and every store at my disposal before i make this very important purchase.

and as i do, hank will get to have his own fun. he's all about this next pair.

i've already informed santa. but who knows with his busy schedule, if he'll get around to it. i'm rooting for ya, husband!

after a long evening of spec shopping, i strongly suggest some shadow shenanigans.
i also approve of alliteration.
hope you all have a lovely evening!

October 24, 2011

this just in!

it's nap time at the henry house.

i like when they nap and i get to work quietly right next to them.

oh, how i love my sleepyheads.

(note that hank sleeps with his iphone in hand - i'm starting to resent that thing.)

October 23, 2011

i spy with my little eye

it's true. i do.

i need me some spectacles. 

and can i just say that i am SO happy to hear it. i have been wanting to need glasses since i can remember. my face has been so naked all these years. so unanimated. so drab.

but now, now, i can accessorize AND see better. ooooh, i can't wait to start trying on some pairs.

bring. it. on.

this totally reminds me of when i finally got braces after making fake retainers out of paper clips for years. but with braces, all you could choose were the color of your rubber bands.

this is soo much cooler than that!

October 18, 2011

hey, hank

i seeeee you.

songs i'm a sucker for...

include this one.

gets me every time and all i want to do is smile in slow motion as though i'm in the music video. as the producer, i would totally make all the scenes slo-mo. slow blink, slow mouth moving, slow smiling, slow wave...oh man, this is getting so good.

October 17, 2011


it's monday, lunes, lundi, lunedi, montag. hola! 
and you know what that means...PHOTOBOOTH! AHhhhhhHhhHHh!

this is samantha - she is my sister-in-law and newest roommate! she just drove out to san diego from connecticut. her car made it the whole way and then died at the san diego airport at 6am, as she dropped off her bf. good thing i love getting up at 6am to jump start cars. phew!

that aside...

hip, hip, hooray!

welcome sammy cakes. 
we're so happy to have you here with us. 


um, blogger - your formatting sucks. major. 

in other thoughts - will i ever not hate mondays? ugggh. 
work - you kill me slowly. thanks. 

and on that note - enjoy your weeeeeek! 

October 13, 2011

dog beach

this guy loves it.

if you are in san diego and find yourself with a dog, go to coronado dog beach - right near Hotel Del - it's bomb diggs.

October 12, 2011


things I love:

the smell of my perfume
a warm scarf
a hot cup of joe in my hand
wearing a watch
one day old hair with dry shampoo
bright colors 

things I don't love:

not eating breakfast
junk emails
chipped nail polish

can I get a hell yeah, amen!

October 9, 2011

hey, hey, it's another photobooth monday!

this is my darling ali - we are in full wedding mode here, on the dance floor {all alone, i might add} and ready to party. if i had to guess, we're about 3 glasses of wine in at this point. our plan was to coordinate our faces - as you can see, we needed a few practice rounds.

i'd say though, that we have the smiling routine down pat.

and then, at about 4 glasses in, i sat down at my table, borrowed my pal, erin's  glasses and proceeded to compile headshots for my acting career.

ahem, talent scouts! take note.

and then, the most important part of my weekend...celebrating my one year anniversary with my guy. my most favorite husband on the planet. nay! universe.

who says you never wear your wedding dress again?

i love you, hank.

October 7, 2011

falling leaves, crisp air breeze

autumn has arrived.

i smelled it yesterday. it's the smell, always, that let's me know it's official.

sunny and cool, crisp and light.
oh, such hope and delight.

long skirts and boots, fallen leaves that crunch.

fires at home, warm cups of tea.
extra blankets and socks on your feet.

come and get me, fall.
take me, i'm yours.

my arms are spread,
my eyes are closed,
i feel the wind, i'm almost home.


aaand just in time for my one year anniversary with my love, hanky b. it's tomorrow. it came so very quickly and i can't believe how easy it was. a year!
oh, how i can't wait for the rest!
i love you, dude.

October 4, 2011

dock square, kennebunkport, maine


tuesdays with easton

i love this guy. he is honestly, the sweetest, cutest, most lovely dog i've ever known. he's the only dog i've owned as an adult so perhaps i'm a little biased but for the record...

i used to be a little less than in love with him.

growing up, we didn't have pets. my mom was allergic to cats and the one dog we did have was a lab with wanderlust.

so when hank wanted a puppy, i was excited aaaand skeptical. but i like change (big time) and so i was eager to get him in our home. luckily, across the country, in the little town of long island, easton and his sister bug were born. bug went to live with hank's sister (my now sister!), lauren in connecticut and easton came out to california to live with us.

it was an adjustment.

he was a hairy, smelly, needy, hungry, thirsty, poop machine. yes, the cutest of all those things but still...i was used to having an easily cleaned home, a serene environment and being on my own time.  and if he chewed up my favorite book or a new box of tissues - both common targets of his - i was not a nice mommy.

but as time goes on...

even now, each day, i grow to love him even more.

this does not necessarily mean i'm a dog person. there are some that i reach out to pet and adore while there are still others that i'm not the least bit interested in. no idea why. and that doesn't really bother me.

who says we need to love all dogs, any dogs, anyway?

October 3, 2011

oh, hellooooo there monday. photobooth cometh.

it's pbm ya'll. 

this photobooth brought to you from the back of a big, black tahoe on it's way up to LA. 
we ventured on said trip to witness the final wedding dress fitting of our dearest ricki @ the fabulous Priscilla of Boston in beverly hills. 
if you didn't know already, parking there is a bitch. a rich bitch. 

{sidebar: when i lived there - yes, i lived in LA for some years - i hated parking in beverly hills. the only time we'd go and suffer the drama was 1. we knew of a decently priced parking garage within 10 blocks of any place we wanted to be or 2. we wanted to eat at el torito grill, seriously, the tortillas there are ba-na-nas}

and on that note...

everyone there is a skeleton. i didn't even finish my lunch because of all the bones walking around  with their starving judgmental faces. 

it was all good though, i made up for it at dinner back at home. 
extra servings of linguini with clams, thank you. 

also, i found my latest color and texture obsession. 
just, uh, just look at it. 

did you cry a little?
it's ok. i did too. 

{note: this is NOT from her dress.}

so congrats ricki! you're going to look beautiful. it's a fact. 
i can't wait to be part of the celebration! 


oh and here's a shot of the san diego sky, circa friday night. 

yeah, she has her moments. 

enjoy your week, lovers!