September 2, 2011

waiting with bated breath

is this not one of the most wonderful idioms?

the words are so animated, personified. it's as though i can hear someone hold their breath or lower the sound of their breathing the second i say it.

kinda makes me close my eyes.

as i sit at my desk, waiting with bated breath until the clock strikes four and i can start the weekend! 

didya hear me breathe? huh? didya? didya?

happy friday, peeps.


  1. I may be Asian and most Asians are known to be smart. But in this case, I'm the kind of Asian that doesn't understand the English language very well.
    So don't judge me when I say that I looked up "bated" and "idiom" to get further clarification on the words.
    I think not.
    I learned two new words today.
    And then got to enjoy your blog post that.much.more.

    Thank you.

  2. I mean...caffiene at midnight? You crazy