September 29, 2011

that bag is good for 5 lb of apples. enjoy.

on our way to the beach in maine, we stopped about 20 minutes inland to visit a local orchard and go apple picking. it's not something i grew up doing.

here in san diego, we have julian, a town known for its apples and apple pies. and also know for being far up a distant mountain and full of tourists. i've probably been 3 times total and i've lived here for 30 years and i don't think i've ever actually picked my own apples.

our maine visit was so quaint, so easy. the orchard, on a farm, where they sold apple cider donuts and hot apple cider, was the perfect setting for my first time.

now, ask me if i ate any of the apples...


i don't really like apples all that much. they make me feel more hungry, give me an empty feeling in my stomach. it's odd.

or maybe, i'm odd.


  1. I love Julian!! We used to have a cabin there and would go a few times a apple picking for me though, either.
    Maybe we should make a trip up there this fall/winter...

  2. Yes! Apples totally make me hungrier, too! I love juicing them though, with carrots, cucumber and ginger. Yum.

  3. @krissy - i should totally try that! i'm juice challenged and need lots of good recipes.

  4. This is my goal for October. Riley's farm is where it's at!

  5. Orchard.Farm.Ranch.Whatever you call it. I can spend the rest of my life there!! Just saying...