September 28, 2011

polyvore with me now


i was looking through my old polyvore sets today and noticed something noteworthy.
that pillow you see up there,
the pillow i added to this set 4 months ago and completely forgot about. 

well, i just looked over to my dining room and... 

yep, i now own it. 
i'm not even sure where i got it but i know it was entirely coincidental. 

so i should hope to own all the following items very, very soon. 

may they just appear in my closet by way of magic. 

polyvore power!

red blazer

sparkle me coral

summer jaunt

Striped Lovie

get in on the fun, won't you??

...looking at these now, i actually own things that could be used to make most of these sets, save for a few choice accessories. good thing i like what i've got! ha.

i'm such a weirdo.

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