September 5, 2011

photobooth 10:30pm on monday because it still counts

my pal eva has moved to the city!
it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
would you be mine, could you be mine?

we wore brown cardigans and rode the trolley to make believe to celebrate...

and then, somewhere along the way, we met up at counterpoint and drank hefty glasses of wine and talked about movies, river rafting and...being 30. 

i'm loving it. 
she's petitioning against it. 

ah, the balance. 

three day weekends are so refreshing. even when work has been tolerable [as mine has been lately]. today was a day for resting, reminiscing about the weekend's fun, watching movies, finishing books and if you live in san diego [and i imagine in other parts of the world], welcoming autumn. 

it rained a lot today. there was thunder and lightning and many a cloud. 

on the drive home, i grabbed some images of the sky. i was greedy and ended up with twenty or so. don't worry, i'll only share but a few choice views. 

i'm telling you, the temperature was perfection. 
i thought i'd be sad to see summer fade but again, the seasons always come when appropriate, so convincing and comforting.

oh, and this is my knee. i thought the thread pattern was fun. 
fact: i am obsessed with gray clothing. sucks that it's not my color. 


  1. Confession: for a split second when I saw your knee, I thought you were possibly revealing a baby bump. But then again, you would have sprouted from like 0 to 8 months seeing the size of the knee/belly... so then I realized I was mistaken. Patience. I just know you will be the most beautiful Momma someday. Also, excited to see Eva make a photo booth appearance. Now she's famous. Sounds like a fun girls day this weekend. And finally, I am also obsessed with the weather! I even made pumpkin muffins yesterday. Is it too early for these kinds of thing? XO

  2. eeeeva! oh I just want to jump through this computer and squeeze both of your cheeks! super jeals.

  3. Love those pictures you took! Seeee?? This is why I want a camera! So I can be cool like you...sigh.

  4. Wait. It rains there? And thunders? I thought I was escaping all of that!