September 6, 2011

me on books

i just finished reading A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
i have to say, it disturbed me quite a bit.

i read it quickly because i had to find out what was going on. the story was almost too plausible for me to remove myself. i found that it made me grouchy, angry, concerned. i was getting mad at hank after i'd read a few chapters. i didn't trust him for an hour or so after putting my kindle down.

i'm like that with books.

i get so enveloped by them. i read them and lose time.

i laugh out loud.
i cry to the point of sobbing.

i write furious notes in my books.

the kindle has changed that a bit. i don't make notes but i do read a lot faster. and as soon as i'm done with one book, i buy another and start.

i've recovered from the scary possibility of the republic of gilead becoming a reality. though if i try hard enough, i can still feel that unsettling irk in my stomach. fear personified.

up next: hunger games.

i just read the first chapter...primrose?!?

oh, here we go again.


  1. You won't regret The Hunger Games!!! So. Good. I'm talkin' Primrose good.

  2. I just finished the hunger games series! you will totally love it:) I'm on the look out for some new good books to read, nothing better than book that you can't put down!

    xoxo, kelsey