September 27, 2011

kennebunk bits

water toes. 

one of the biggest challenges for me is finding new ways of seeing the same place. 

we go to maine every year. we stay in the same house, play on the same beach, do the same things. 
i try hard each year to capture a different note from the vacation. 

this year, we had 3 new babies with us. 

owen, 3mos
jane, 6mos
riley, 2yrs

my new subjects gave me a lot to work with. 
i'm seriously obsessed with each of their lovely faces. 

may this year be only the beginning of all the new faces to come. 

ok, this next picture is my favorite from the entire trip. 
such a sexy mama. 


  1. Oh...I LOVE your pictures! They're soo adorable!!! Hmm...People say when you start to appriciate the beauty of little kids, it's probably the time to have your own...I guess it's coming ha?

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures! Those are the sweetest little faces ever!! Glad you guys had another great trip.

  3. oh susu, i'd say it's time. :)

    thanks meg!!! i'm pretty excellent at vacationing.

  4. Great pictures Vic! Especially like the splashing water on Riley's leg, Jane's big beautiful eyes and lashes and of course, Lauren and Owen. Yes, I think you may be ready to start a new business venture!

    and yes, you are pretty excellent at vacationing.... haha....

  5. Yeah the sexy mama picture is a really beautiful one. Be a professional blogger/photographer already! ;)