September 29, 2011

that bag is good for 5 lb of apples. enjoy.

on our way to the beach in maine, we stopped about 20 minutes inland to visit a local orchard and go apple picking. it's not something i grew up doing.

here in san diego, we have julian, a town known for its apples and apple pies. and also know for being far up a distant mountain and full of tourists. i've probably been 3 times total and i've lived here for 30 years and i don't think i've ever actually picked my own apples.

our maine visit was so quaint, so easy. the orchard, on a farm, where they sold apple cider donuts and hot apple cider, was the perfect setting for my first time.

now, ask me if i ate any of the apples...


i don't really like apples all that much. they make me feel more hungry, give me an empty feeling in my stomach. it's odd.

or maybe, i'm odd.

September 28, 2011

polyvore with me now


i was looking through my old polyvore sets today and noticed something noteworthy.
that pillow you see up there,
the pillow i added to this set 4 months ago and completely forgot about. 

well, i just looked over to my dining room and... 

yep, i now own it. 
i'm not even sure where i got it but i know it was entirely coincidental. 

so i should hope to own all the following items very, very soon. 

may they just appear in my closet by way of magic. 

polyvore power!

red blazer

sparkle me coral

summer jaunt

Striped Lovie

get in on the fun, won't you??

...looking at these now, i actually own things that could be used to make most of these sets, save for a few choice accessories. good thing i like what i've got! ha.

i'm such a weirdo.

September 27, 2011

kennebunk bits

water toes. 

one of the biggest challenges for me is finding new ways of seeing the same place. 

we go to maine every year. we stay in the same house, play on the same beach, do the same things. 
i try hard each year to capture a different note from the vacation. 

this year, we had 3 new babies with us. 

owen, 3mos
jane, 6mos
riley, 2yrs

my new subjects gave me a lot to work with. 
i'm seriously obsessed with each of their lovely faces. 

may this year be only the beginning of all the new faces to come. 

ok, this next picture is my favorite from the entire trip. 
such a sexy mama. 

September 26, 2011

back in action and ready to photobooth it. brought to you by monday

this is us, at our good friend's wedding - ND Wedding, holla!

it was beautiful, they were beautiful, look!

ok, so i promise to return shortly with tales and photos from my maine adventure. i freaking love it there.

if you have the opportunity, you should probably get on that.

September 16, 2011


today is the day we leave to kennebunk, maine. 
i. am. so. ready. 

this photo is from last year. i think that's their address. #1, eh?

4 hours and counting to one whole week of...

tall grass
long walks on the beach
long walks along dirt roads
sunrises and sunsets
warm coffee and bare feet in the cool sand
reading, reading, reading
digging for clams
beach bocce
maine diners...clam chowder!
family time
taking lots and lots of photos
and new baby 3 month old owen time!

jealous yet?

have a swell weekend lovers!

September 15, 2011

take me a picture, oh camera, my camera

i took a photography class with my sister last sunday. it was an all day kinda thing with class in the morning and a tour for practice in the afternoon.

we had the best time ever.

aperture, shutter speed, f stops...oh my!

if you're in the san diego area and have an itch to learn more. try this guy.

kids got mad skills.

September 13, 2011

beauties and the week

um, hi. 
yes, you.

yeah, i could live in a tiny space. 
to just reach over and grab anything quickly. 

some of my better moments happen just as i've woken up.
i see my reflection, wishing my hair would keep that wave. that volume. that mess.

is there anything classier than bathroom shots during a party?
i'm thinking, yes. 
is there anything better than a fun, flowery frock for $10 from the target clearance rack?
i dunno...ranks pretty high in my book.

book?! did someone say book?!
i love my kindle!!

September 12, 2011

photobooth monday! coworker ed.

oh, this funny pair.

these two creative photobooth participants are my coworkers: elle and ryan. this was during a long trip up the 15N to our photo studio. yep.

you betcha.



ok, that's all i can muster.

enjoy your week, peeps!

September 7, 2011

cute factor

this adorable kid belongs to one of my best ladies of all time, nicole.

miss khloe is almost 2 years old. she loves to dance and sing. just say "cutie!" and she turns to the side and winks at you over her shoulder.

uh, i die.

she also has endless amounts of energy and can tire me out in less than 2 hours. as in, asleep, on the couch. not moving. not responding.

yes, i'm an excellent babysitter. call me!

September 6, 2011

me on books

i just finished reading A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
i have to say, it disturbed me quite a bit.

i read it quickly because i had to find out what was going on. the story was almost too plausible for me to remove myself. i found that it made me grouchy, angry, concerned. i was getting mad at hank after i'd read a few chapters. i didn't trust him for an hour or so after putting my kindle down.

i'm like that with books.

i get so enveloped by them. i read them and lose time.

i laugh out loud.
i cry to the point of sobbing.

i write furious notes in my books.

the kindle has changed that a bit. i don't make notes but i do read a lot faster. and as soon as i'm done with one book, i buy another and start.

i've recovered from the scary possibility of the republic of gilead becoming a reality. though if i try hard enough, i can still feel that unsettling irk in my stomach. fear personified.

up next: hunger games.

i just read the first chapter...primrose?!?

oh, here we go again.

September 5, 2011

photobooth 10:30pm on monday because it still counts

my pal eva has moved to the city!
it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
would you be mine, could you be mine?

we wore brown cardigans and rode the trolley to make believe to celebrate...

and then, somewhere along the way, we met up at counterpoint and drank hefty glasses of wine and talked about movies, river rafting and...being 30. 

i'm loving it. 
she's petitioning against it. 

ah, the balance. 

three day weekends are so refreshing. even when work has been tolerable [as mine has been lately]. today was a day for resting, reminiscing about the weekend's fun, watching movies, finishing books and if you live in san diego [and i imagine in other parts of the world], welcoming autumn. 

it rained a lot today. there was thunder and lightning and many a cloud. 

on the drive home, i grabbed some images of the sky. i was greedy and ended up with twenty or so. don't worry, i'll only share but a few choice views. 

i'm telling you, the temperature was perfection. 
i thought i'd be sad to see summer fade but again, the seasons always come when appropriate, so convincing and comforting.

oh, and this is my knee. i thought the thread pattern was fun. 
fact: i am obsessed with gray clothing. sucks that it's not my color.