August 9, 2011

what happens in vegas...

probably never stays there.

it's a special town, las vegas. especially special when you are lucky enough to travel there in extraordinary style. so exquisite in fact, that it feels like it's happening to someone else because it's so far beyond the every day.

so, i'm going to tell you a tale with photos. because my words will fail to describe it and i don't trust my memory.

i trust, the camera.


the suite.

and that's just the living room. not the dining room, the 4 bedrooms, media room, exercise room, kitchen or foyer. 

yes, that's the backyard. well, one half of it.

dinner and dancing.

once upon a time, it was just us three.

the pool

i realize this is serious amounts of ass here. but i could not resist flashing some vegas booty. and this pink overlay is just killing me right now. 
and sometimes, too much fun can make you tired.

the pole dancing

mobile pole dancing class, complete with a skilled stripper instructor.

the wigs

the brides to be. 

the cake

the ride home.

private jets might be my favorite thing. 

but truly, in the end, the extravagance is almost [almost] forgotten. 
it's the memories of laughing, crying, dancing, talking, hugging, walking and all the other girly things that make the weekend special. it's being together, wherever we are.

congrats again to the brides to be. 
thanks for taking us on this awesome journey. 



  1. Wow. I'm speechless. What an amazing trip!

  2. Sooo J-Lo of that trip!! Looks A-May-Zing...with a capital "A"

    ...what I would give to be sleeping in a pool right now.

  3. What a fun time and a great way to tell about the weekend! It all looks fabulous! Congratulations Ricki!!!