August 6, 2011

this is me, on a saturday afternoon. 
no make-up, still in my pajamas, no bra. 
the tv has been on since 9am and i'm watching fx and tbs movies. 
bring it on, bewitched, pleasantville, definitely maybe

the house is dirty. 
the dog is bored.
the laundry sits, piled atop the hamper. 
i've eaten a bowl of cheerios and a sugar cookie with sprinkles. 

i've contemplated taking the dog on a walk. 
i've considered taking him to the groomer for a bath. 
i thought about putting on music and cleaning. 
i wondered if i should do a workout dvd. 
i almost started recording a song on this macbook. 
i even got up to go outside and pick up the dog poop outside...but then got distracted and got a glass of water. 
i got up to put the dog bed into the washing machine and by the time i got to the kitchen to get the wash started, i'd forgotten what i was going to do. 
i looked at the counter, moved a dish and then remembered. 
so, at least that's going. 

this is what i do when i'm alone on lazy saturdays. 
i have ideas and then, i don't act on them. 

but i did blog, so that's something. 
and i did show you my sideburns. 
also something i wanted to share without shame. 

i'm pondering going to the thrift store now. 
but it's quite possible i won't do that either. 



  1. my pj's and have watched Pleasantville and Definitely Maybe on FX...
    We deserve these lazy days...enjoy!

  2. thanks lena. so glad to hear im not the only one! i just made an appt for dog grooming too! it just takes me a while to get moving. :)