August 28, 2011

photobooth monday

1. sister and boyfriend. 
you can tell by their faces that they were moved by the stylings of the great john legend. 
he's exponentially radical. 

2. sister and her twin, farr. 
yes, they look more like sisters than we do. 
but i checked, my mom did not know her dad between the years of 1983 and 1984. it's all good.

3. me, my hat and the hank. 
this is post-wine-bladder consumption. somehow, i was able to recover and drove us home later. hank, on the other hand, has no idea how he got to bed that night. 

all in all, concerts are super. let's talk about it. 

john legend seriously rocked our socks off. probably because he looks like this...

and plays the piano. 
and dances.
and sings. 
quadruple whammy, that one. 

sade made me sway for about 2 songs, then i took a nap, which was pretty soothing. so maybe that's her thing. 
i will smooth-song these bitches to sleep. 
and yeah, she did. 

also, she looks damn good for 52. and for someone really named Helen. 
it's true, i looked it up. 

and on another music note (get it?! get it??), currently watching the VMAs and...

gaga is fucking amazing. 
this year trumps last year's latex, like, big time. 
there she goes again, to remind everyone: 

baby, you were born this way

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  1. I love "photobooth mondays!" Even when I read them on Wednesdays (well ok, I did read this on Monday also) they make me happy.