August 22, 2011

photobooth monday - birthday edition!

It's my birthday today. I am officially 30. 30! 30!!!!! 

I'm rather excited about it. New era, new adventures, new milestones. It's as though being 30 gives me license to stand up for myself and live the life I want. That's my birthday wish - to make the right changes and to live a happy, honest, hopeful life. Yes, that sounds lovely.

Today's photobooth is a sisterly and my sister on the far left and right, AND the card sisters on the inside left and right. So ladylike, we are.

The photobooth was at the party we had over the weekend - I think it was my best birthday party yet! I was lucky enough to have some awesomely awesome friends spend some of the day and all of the night with me. We ate, drank, talked, laughed, danced... And at 2am, Hank and I finally turned out the lights, sleepy and happy.

What's the best part of the aftermath of a party? Why, looking through all the pictures you took the day before!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me. I had the best time and I love each and every one of you cutie patootie toots. 



  1. Happy Birthday my love! Great party pics! Yes, 30 is the start of wonderful times and great new adventures! I know your birthday wishes will come true! I love you, love you, love you!


  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    You are simply magnificent and I am very thankful for you...and your blog.


  3. I love your hat, my look; Your picture, my smile; And of course, all our time together!! Happy birthday again and wish all your wishes come true!

  4. happy happy birthday! your party looks awesome, but I think I'm gunna have to see a birth certificate, because I REALLY don't believe you're 30.