August 3, 2011

lace tops are popular and jerky probably is too

ah yes, a little tuesday night fun.

vegas and it's naughty lack of sleepy time has extended to my week. monday was brutal [read: zombie status], tuesday was less so but still a little wonky. and though i'd planned on working out and catching up on some netflix [united states of tara, anyone?], i threw everything off track and decided to walk into old town and partake in some taco tuesday action.

starvation and dreary-headedness will cause any person to crave $2 tacos, skinny margaritas and girl talk. what am i talking about? any lady would crave these things, any day!

so, instead of trying to work off the 3 extra pounds i gained drinking the time away in vegas, i added to it. drinking every day is becoming a custom for me. i better throw myself into another personal challenge soon. hmm, no alcohol for 30 days? no alcohol or chocolate for 45 days? no alcohol or pasta for 60 days??

bah! it's almost turning 30 time and zeus knows i have zero will power on birthday months.

scratch that idea. let's celebrate the things i did today!

mexican flags and drinks.

visits to the jerky house

mimi and her jerky. 
the girl loves meat.

at home later, i watched a new show. 
picker sisters on lifetime. 
i love american pickers - can't get enough of mike and frank. 
honey hole!

picker sisters is similar in that they talk to junkers but they're looking for old pieces to turn into treasures and sell as decorative furniture and accessories. 

the forums on their website are awful. people are just so mean. i read them while i was watching the show because i wanted to know the girls' backgrounds. it put me in a bad mood. why are people so mean. stop being mean, invisible forum haters. 
as i always tell easton, as he stares at me for no reason...get a life! 

i liked the show. 
i like DIY projects and i like pretty things so it's right up my alley. 
and to boot! one of the sisters was wearing my sweater!
i love, love this sweater. and every time i wear it, hank tells me repeatedly how much he hates it. 

i win. 

this is her. [tanya]

ah. with shorts and boots. 
bestill my heart, ya'll. 
no, i'm she's not country and neither am i but that barn called out to my inner cowgirl. 

this is me [vicki]
and hank. and owen. 



  1. i love taco tuesdays in old town. definitely one of the things i miss about not living in sd anymore. luckily im only an hr away so i'll be making a trip down soon! And i'm gunna watch that show - I love pickers!

  2. no Cousins Candy?! Big mistake. Big. Huge.

  3. I think the sweater, like everything else you wear, is to die. And I'm so glad you reposted that picture of you two with Baby Owen because it just made my day. Make one of those... then it's okay to eat tacos and jerky all you want for 9 months... and it's probably the biggest motivation to quit the drinks too. ;)

  4. mmmm margarita. bonus points if you roll the second R in margarita.

  5. Welcome to the Alcoholics Club. It's fun.
    Real fun.

  6. You're like Jen in novel Love Story. You don't use any capitalized characters! Somehow, I just cannot get this out of my head... Boy oh boy, that's probably the first American novel I read.

  7. oh kit, i mean, sarah. oh yo, oh yo, check this.

  8. oh wait, i meant viv. i'm kit. clearly.

  9. mandee - you know that i am a R rolling fiend.

  10. Did you know that your foot's as big as your arm from your elbow to your wrist?...just a little bit of trivia.