August 29, 2011

free to be me...and love who that be

i've been loitering in my photo albums. picking through pictures from past holidays, parties, homes, vacations and i find myself loving each one. even when at that time, i thought i was too fat, too ugly, too messy, too, too, too! it's all so silly.

we are who we are. can't we just love that? can't that be enough?

i was recently talking with my lovie, ali, about scales. i get on that thing every morning. she just got her first one and never thought she would even use it. but alas, like me, she checks every day. we watch those fractions of a pound go up and down and think...i should eat less, move more, all the things we need to do to be perfect. our endless quest.


it only takes a little bit of time and that lovely gift of hindsight to see things objectively.

and so.

i will try my best to love myself. whomever i wake up as each morning.
because we all know some days are good, some are bad and are some are possibly, maybe, fantastic.

my wedding day was one of those fantastic days.

i see these now and don't see any imperfections.
we are beautiful and happy.


  1. Beautiful Vic, I love it!!!!

  2. Amen! So true and Vic... you are stunning. ALWAYS!

  3. Lets eat a lot and swim tonight without shame. I hate the scale!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!

    I needed to read this post because my date with my scale this morning didn't go so well...

  5. You're gorgeous lady! Plus, did anyone ever say confidence and smile makes woman look better?!

  6. You are the most beautiful wife! P.S. Sweet new signature!

  7. gaaah. I love you!
    If only all your posts were like this I wouldn't have to pay for a therapist. No, no. I would still have to pay for therapist. So just keep your blog as is! And the new sig. :)

  8. So I've been lurking on your blog for about an hour now and I think I'm quite infatuated with you! I now understand why you're sponsoring Mish Lovin' Life's blog -- you sound just as awesome as I know her to be! Excuse me whilst I go and read every other one of your posts. P.S - I really like this one :) you kids look so pretty and happy! X

  9. girrrrrl, your calf muscles are amazin'!