August 24, 2011

boredom letters

i've had 26 unread emails in my inbox for years.

i only just figured out how to move those to the top and get rid of them.

i know, i'm quick.

somewhere in this pile of 26 old emails, i found a document titled "boredom letters"
i sent it to myself at some point. it looks like something i wrote in and around work hours to pass the time. which, inevitably and quite inconveniently, i might add, is the time i get some of my best ideas.

whether these fall into that category is not for me to decide but i thought, just as well, i'd share them with you.

boredom letters

There are a few hours in the late afternoon when the air turns from day to night. The light
dims and the wind cools. I often wonder how many people notice that. As I sit on the
porch, I watch as the workday ends and cars begin to fill driveways. Another day wasted.

If an activity does not take place continuously, it becomes something irregular and
unfamiliar. It is then that one starts to fear it.

How many excuses are there to avoid responsibility? I can think of a few million, and
I’ve only just begun.

may you not be bored. 


  1. Love the poem, aka. your boredom letter. You're good lady!

  2. Maybe we should start a writing club. And by this I mean hang out once a month, drink wone and just write. I know you do this... but I don't enough and want to.