August 31, 2011

it's a cruel, cruel summer

it's the last day of august. let's have a moment of silence, shall we?


because where the SHIT did summer go?? notably, the hottest days of the season are probably yet to come but school is back in session, fall tv is starting soon (suuuper excited about this, btw), it's almost impossible to find bathing suits (ahem, old navy you suck), etc. you get it.

to reflect on this summer, let's examine what some people - ahem, boys - do for fun in the sun.


(for the record, this goes on the list as one of my most feared activities. right up there with riding really big waves and bikini waxes)

good news is everyone survived. i only get three [edit: four] pictures to tell the story. though, hank says they grabbed onto oars, climbed back in and then did it all over again, just for fun.

maybe it's ok that summer is almost over. jumping in a pile of fallen leaves is hardly this treacherous.
unless, of course, there are deer ticks in there!

dun. dun. duuuuunnnnn.

August 29, 2011

free to be me...and love who that be

i've been loitering in my photo albums. picking through pictures from past holidays, parties, homes, vacations and i find myself loving each one. even when at that time, i thought i was too fat, too ugly, too messy, too, too, too! it's all so silly.

we are who we are. can't we just love that? can't that be enough?

i was recently talking with my lovie, ali, about scales. i get on that thing every morning. she just got her first one and never thought she would even use it. but alas, like me, she checks every day. we watch those fractions of a pound go up and down and think...i should eat less, move more, all the things we need to do to be perfect. our endless quest.


it only takes a little bit of time and that lovely gift of hindsight to see things objectively.

and so.

i will try my best to love myself. whomever i wake up as each morning.
because we all know some days are good, some are bad and are some are possibly, maybe, fantastic.

my wedding day was one of those fantastic days.

i see these now and don't see any imperfections.
we are beautiful and happy.

August 28, 2011

photobooth monday

1. sister and boyfriend. 
you can tell by their faces that they were moved by the stylings of the great john legend. 
he's exponentially radical. 

2. sister and her twin, farr. 
yes, they look more like sisters than we do. 
but i checked, my mom did not know her dad between the years of 1983 and 1984. it's all good.

3. me, my hat and the hank. 
this is post-wine-bladder consumption. somehow, i was able to recover and drove us home later. hank, on the other hand, has no idea how he got to bed that night. 

all in all, concerts are super. let's talk about it. 

john legend seriously rocked our socks off. probably because he looks like this...

and plays the piano. 
and dances.
and sings. 
quadruple whammy, that one. 

sade made me sway for about 2 songs, then i took a nap, which was pretty soothing. so maybe that's her thing. 
i will smooth-song these bitches to sleep. 
and yeah, she did. 

also, she looks damn good for 52. and for someone really named Helen. 
it's true, i looked it up. 

and on another music note (get it?! get it??), currently watching the VMAs and...

gaga is fucking amazing. 
this year trumps last year's latex, like, big time. 
there she goes again, to remind everyone: 

baby, you were born this way

August 24, 2011

boredom letters

i've had 26 unread emails in my inbox for years.

i only just figured out how to move those to the top and get rid of them.

i know, i'm quick.

somewhere in this pile of 26 old emails, i found a document titled "boredom letters"
i sent it to myself at some point. it looks like something i wrote in and around work hours to pass the time. which, inevitably and quite inconveniently, i might add, is the time i get some of my best ideas.

whether these fall into that category is not for me to decide but i thought, just as well, i'd share them with you.

boredom letters

There are a few hours in the late afternoon when the air turns from day to night. The light
dims and the wind cools. I often wonder how many people notice that. As I sit on the
porch, I watch as the workday ends and cars begin to fill driveways. Another day wasted.

If an activity does not take place continuously, it becomes something irregular and
unfamiliar. It is then that one starts to fear it.

How many excuses are there to avoid responsibility? I can think of a few million, and
I’ve only just begun.

may you not be bored. 

August 22, 2011

party dress

who says you can't wear a party dress to work?

certainly, not i.

birthdays demand festive attire. even if you sit in a dull office all day. and nothing says more festive than a bright, floral, crinoline lined dress.

yes, crinoline.
girliest of girly fabrics.

so ridiculously fun.

oh, 30, i like you.


photobooth monday - birthday edition!

It's my birthday today. I am officially 30. 30! 30!!!!! 

I'm rather excited about it. New era, new adventures, new milestones. It's as though being 30 gives me license to stand up for myself and live the life I want. That's my birthday wish - to make the right changes and to live a happy, honest, hopeful life. Yes, that sounds lovely.

Today's photobooth is a sisterly and my sister on the far left and right, AND the card sisters on the inside left and right. So ladylike, we are.

The photobooth was at the party we had over the weekend - I think it was my best birthday party yet! I was lucky enough to have some awesomely awesome friends spend some of the day and all of the night with me. We ate, drank, talked, laughed, danced... And at 2am, Hank and I finally turned out the lights, sleepy and happy.

What's the best part of the aftermath of a party? Why, looking through all the pictures you took the day before!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me. I had the best time and I love each and every one of you cutie patootie toots. 


August 17, 2011

i got dressed again

truly, i wanted to wear these shorts with no leggings but my company recently started to enforce a dress code and apparently ass cheeks are not on the menu.

if they make stockings mandatory, i am so out of there.


peridot by chanel

it's my birthstone. it's the birthstone for all us august babies. 

i'm trying to fall in love with it. thanks chanel, for helping me along. sometimes, all it takes is a little fancy polish to brighten the month. 

sometimes it's a true green, then a lighter shade. sometimes it's gold, then a bright blue. 
i'm obsessed with it. 

and as soon as my vegas red begins to chip off, i'm taking this baby south. 


August 14, 2011

it's a christmas miracle! august.

i cooked dinner. 
i planned ahead, bought the ingredients and made a meal. holy crazycakes.

and wouldn't ya know it...i documented the whole thing. these pictures of each step are my version of a  "how to" so i'm basically martha stewart. a domestic goddess! my homemaker moment! 

the excitement is overwhelming, i agree. 

and now, i present to you, vickichristine's family recipe for: 
enchilada casserole and mexican rice

set oven to 350 degrees.
cut up 2-3 tomatoes and half of one onion 

let your eyes burn and cry a little.

spread a little sauce on the bottom of the dish. 
layer corn tortillas to cover the surface.
spread some more sauce over the torts.

add loads of shredded mexican style cheese.

add some of the chopped up tomato and onion. 
repeat this layering process until the dish is full. i usually do about three layers of tortillas.

set the enchilada casserole aside. 

put some oil in a pan, add one cup of rice. 
fry it up, brown it, make it golden, etc. 

once it's golden, add tomato and onion. 
sauté that shiz. 
then, add 1 3/4 cups of water and 1/4 cup of tomato sauce.
add one crumbled, chicken bouillon cube and toss in one glove of garlic (whole, not chopped - it's for subtle flava)
add some pinches of salt to taste. 
once the broth tastes yummy and deliciously scrumptious, cover 'er up. 

when the lid is too hot to touch, turn the heat to a simmer or to "lo" - which is what my fancy stove says. simmer, ha!

put the enchiladas into the oven. 
set the timer to:

(that's 20 minutes, not seconds)

now, go watch some of the recorded "so you think you can dance" and 
cry a lot because dance is so. freaking. awesome.

when the timer dings, go get your food. 
it's done and ready to eat!

put it on a plate. 
eat it because it's good. 
and you made it!
grab a glass of wine while you're at it. 

ole! an easy mexican dish sure to make tummies happy. 
if i had had sour cream to top the enchiladas with, i surely would have. 
i highly recommend sour cream with this one. 

happy eats. 
i hope you try it and love it.