July 12, 2011


i eat subway for lunch everyday at work. it's my routine and i absolutely love it. i love that each time, my lunch will taste the same. i will hear the same people ask me what kind of sandwich i want (6" veggie on wheat, please), i will see the same people add toppings to the bread, i will answer the same question as they ring me up at the cash register (no, i don't need a copy of my receipt). 

i'm sure there will be days where i don't crave the routine and when i may even hate it. but today, i was so happy just to experience an expectation fulfilled, just as i imagined it. 

my sandwich is gone now. it was delightful. 


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  1. My veggie is on Italian herbs and cheese. Today I got a veggie salad and am bringing home the minestrone to show you how good it is.