July 11, 2011

photo booth monday - issue 3, super-sized!

i know, i know, there was no photo booth monday last week. 
apparently, weekly installments get holidays in their contract. good for them, i say!

so today, to make up for the week lost, i bring you a super-sized version. 
i hope you enjoy.

1. that's ger. he's dope. we were at a concert (foster the people) to celebrate his turning 29. welcome to the club, gerbsteeze. we also enjoyed some picklebacks - whiskey and pickle juice. try it. 
2. that's nat. she's also dope. and as you can see in photo #3, she's also a hipster. finger mustaches are a clear sign. note the scary birthday kid in the background. 
3. that's all of us at le concert. we were drinking these and listening to them:

pbr, the quintessential hipster beverage of choice. when in rome. 

4. jamie just bought a house, remember. she, carrie and i enjoyed her spa the other night. proof!
5. whilst jamie was on the phone, carrie and i made funny faces at my iphone. 
6. that's trey and jolie. we were very drunk last night. but i think my team won the game of hearts we were playing so 'sall good. 

here comes the super-size part. 
two sets of booth photos! 

jolie and i have been friends for about 20 years now. we grew up next door to each other. and after we spent some time together yesterday (hotel pool, sushi, games at the house!), i dug up an oldie but goodie. do we look any different??

enjoy your monday. have a fabulous week.
take lots of pictures!


  1. these are all so happy! and wow, you were brown. Love it!

  2. I remember that picture of you and Jolie! and yes, you both look the same! Looks like a fun day and night!