July 17, 2011

pbm, issue 4!

this is a sort of family installment. 
get pumped.

my dad and rose hosted a bbq/party on saturday. 
there was a lot of tequila involved. 
luckily, tequila is great for photo taking. loosens 'em up, ya know.

1. brother. 
2. brother's gf: erin. she's super rad.
3. rosalba!
4. pops

and because 4 photo strips ain't all that much...

i found this old "modeling" pic from 9th grade = 14 yrs. old. 
i know all you ladies out there took modeling photos with your friends, right? 

truth be told, i still really love this photo. 
that was my FAVORITE sweater. it was a flowery interpretation of the scorpio constellation. 
i'm a leo but i tried to steal it from my bff, nicole, often. 
as in, i might still have it...

happy week, lovers!


  1. I can't wait for the day that we can sit down and compare all of our old modeling photos...Wouldn't that be a treat and a delight?

  2. It sure was another 'tequila sunrise' worshipping the sun along with a porcelain fixture. Never again.... Yeah right! :) We'll do it again soon. Love ya, Pops

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