July 19, 2011

on deciding it is so

do you ever notice how something is not something until you decide that it is.

at work, this area is not a meeting area until it is; until someone chooses to have a meeting here. then, it is a meeting spot that even others will use - and no one will talk about it. they'll just start using it like it was always the place.

your coworker tells you they know a lot about excel. you go to them for all of your excel problems, so do other people. they start getting invited to meetings. they used to be the receptionist, now they run the accounting department.

your parents were just people before they had you. two people who fell in love or lust and got pregnant, thought oh shit, and then tried their best (hopefully). they don’t have all the answers, they're not above treating you well, they may not even have a clue what they're doing. they had a child; they were parents. it was decided.

people will tell you that you can't do something because they've never seen it done. or because they can't do it themselves. or because they just don't get it. but then you do it and it's ok. they forget they told you that you couldn't and just keep going on with their lives. they'll even tell their other friends that they know someone who did this. because now it's something you do, all because you decided not to listen to them and just did it. 

on this note, i've decided i'm a writer.



  1. There's this quote from a very famous writer in China: There's no road here in the very beginning, but when too many people walked by, it becomes a road.
    But like you, I decided to be just myself.