June 15, 2011

when the cat's away, the mouse may lose her marbles

easton doesn't have any dog food. i forgot to buy more. he's had a lot of peanut butter and stale hamburger buns today. so far, he seems to like it. 
i also tried to give him the butts/heads? of my mini bell peppers. he left them in an artistic display on the kitchen rug. so thoughtful, really.

i forgot to take the trash out last night so i did it this morning and it fell on the sidewalk. my neighbor had to help me pick it up. and after all that effort at 6:53 in the morning, i walked to the corner and saw my other neighbor pulling her can in. this meant i was too late. the can is still out there, justifying my hard work. 

i don't have anymore tampons left and i need them. fingers crossed that i don't get toxic shock syndrome for wearing the same one for 24 hours. grocery stores open early, right?

i washed a load of bath mats and forgot to put them in the dryer. when i took a shower today, i used my sweaty, running clothes to keep my feet away from the cold tile. the clothes were in a ball so i lost balance and fell on the floor. my butt was cold on the tile.  

i ran out of body wash and am using hank's irish spring soap. i smell like a man. multiple times today, i paused and thought, WHAT is that smell? oh, yeah, it's me, man-lady.

if you can't already tell, hank's away on business. 
things are a little off when he's not here. 

that's him, eating. 
maybe i'll forget to do that tomorrow too...you never know. 

come home soon, bestie best of mine.
i miss you and easton misses his food. 



  1. thanks for the laugh... I seriously just lost my shit at the stepping-on-dirty-clothes-from-the-shower part... because I do that ALL THE TIME. please don't get TSS from your dirty tampon, because you're funny. thx.

  2. mandee - so glad to hear im not the only dirty clothes stepper. its just so cold, that tile. brrrrr.

  3. This just tells me how my life would be after Jackie leaves... And i have to clean cat poops everyday!!!