June 28, 2011

things i did instead of yoga this weekend

saturday mornings bring what is becoming my most favorite yoga class.
held in a tiny studio, it feels like a private session and since the teacher is so great, it's practically perfect in every way.

so it should be no surprise that i look forward to this each week. but when i woke up after our friday night date, where we drank an entire bottle of wine...

well, i decided to stay on the couch and veg-out a little. and then the many things i did over the weekend felt like a continuous stream of not doing yoga. like one of those movie sequences where if the actor had done one thing differently, they'd still be alive or married or beautiful. while my weekend not that dramatic, it's how i felt. i was straying from the standard.

we rode bikes. 
have i mentioned how great it is to let easton run while we ride bikes??
easy for us, tiring for him. 
quick and easy. 
what used to be a 40 minute run turns into a 10 minute ride. 
can you say awe. some. 

i admired my newly painted toes.
i tried to go au natural and not paint my toes.
they've been sadly naked for the last 2-3 months. 
well, it was time to revert to my old, colorful ways. 
isn't this blue so rad??

why are there two bags of mxn food, vicki?
did you have lots of people over to eat?
did you and hank order separately and therefore get two bags, each with your own food?
please, do tell. 
well, remember when i mentioned how drunk i was on saturday night....
hank and i asked our cab driver to drop us off at our local mexican joint. 
we ordered food, talked to strangers, got the hiccups, enlisted the entire place to help us eliminate said hiccups...and then walked home! 
where we ate the most delicious food we'd ever had. 
we sat in bed on sunday morning 'til 1pm or so - because we're old and hangovers are not our friends.
then, when we were hungry, we took our bikes (see above) and went back to the same place and got the exact same food. again. 
in less than 12 hours. 
nope, nope. not gross at all. 

(i am also noticing that i have not shaved my thighs in a while...well, my left one anyway. i'm too lazy to glance at my right. add that to the gross list)

but i've redeemed myself, friends!
because definitely high up on the "not gross" list: scoring awesome bargains!
all this from h&m. 
$3 awesomely striped, oversized sweater thing?
yes, please!

i think i shall take these lovely finds with me on my next trip!
because truly, the best thing i did over the weekend was buy plane tickets - impromptu ones at that - to go and meet my very first nephew, ever! 
hank's sister had a baby boy. his name is owen and we've been looking at pictures of him since sunday, desperate to hold him and hear him cry and see if he can wrap his little fingers around ours. 
eeeeeee. can't wait.

oh, won't my yoga teacher be so proud. 

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