June 3, 2011

sadder things have happened

Yes, it's true, sadder things have happened. Hearing that Adele had to cancel all remaining shows on her North American tour is not the saddest thing ever. But damn, I'm sad.

There better be a rescheduling of this shit because papa paid a pretty penny to get us there.

But don't cry for me Argentina for today is the 5 year anniversary of the day the Hank and I met, in a bar, drunk and happy.

I forgot to tell or text him about it before or during work. Whoops! But he didn't forget to buy me two, yeah two!, bunches of flowers. holler! Don't worry, I smothered him in anniversary kisses and hugs. I might even give him a high-five later!

"one is colorful and the other one is classy." - said hank mchusband

He likes to cover all his bases. For the record, I prefer the colorful to the classy, always.

Can you tell which is which?

Enjoy your weekend peeps!


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