June 27, 2011

photo booth monday! issue 2

i know my weekend looks redundant and boring. 
but guess what! it wasn't. 
also, after looking at these photo strips, i realize that the dark one at the end should really be first, 
if we're doing things chronologically. 
looks like we're not!

1. hangover mornings with coffee are totally ok with me. 
2. look, it's coffee mugs and hank's bed hair! is he topless?? 
3. easton trying to prove that he can keep a straight face. guess i owe him $5
4. me, trying to make him laugh - still, i fail. 
5. saturday night shenanigans. we went to the OB street fair for a minute - it was gross times a million. then we went to The Fleetwood and Jimmy Love's. i was beyond drunk. beeeeyond. 

i have even more stories and pictures to post later. ya know, to talk more about how drunk i was. 
get. excited. 

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