June 24, 2011

iphone records

this week has been a wasteland for me. 
i come into work each day so exhausted and then struggle to get anything done. 
my focus is out of order. 
this brain needs a break. 

and rather than bore you with my ramblings, i'll let my iphone go on record. 
it is always with me. it is my constant companion (aside from the hank) 
and dutiful cataloguer. 

ah, so what do we have in store...

i usually invite this guy into my bed every morning. he sleeps on his own
fancy throne through the night but loves to cuddle in the early hours. so i indulge both of us for a bit. 
hank goes to work rather early, leaving a warm spot just waiting to be filled. and just look at that
tired face...awww.

i'm not a sporty gal. 
though i do have some seriously successful flag footballs games under my belt...
now, if bowling is a sport - and i assume it is, since i'm no good at it and hank is bombdigs, our weekly
sporting event is bowling. i sometimes go to support the team...and to eat nachos. 
hank decided to bowl a 246 in his first league week - prompting all his opponents to shit their pants as he explained to them that he only uses a "lane" ball. those balls have a name?? 
curiosity killed the lane ball usage and hank sought out his very own special boy bowling ball. 
he also has a retro ball that was my grandpa henry's, complete with their same name engraved on it. 

here he is, with his new bowling bat. 
it's called the natural, naturally. 

i've grown very fond of my local farmers markets. we have one in each neighboring town on every day of the week. the one is my 'hood is on fridays, from 3-7pm. it takes up only one block but it's so dang cute. they always have some musician singing at the far end where the flowers are sold. and the test tasting is even better than samples at costco! free berries, citrus, green elixir drinks, cheese, hummus, gluten free brownies, veggies...mmmm. 

even if i don't buy food, i like to get flowers. if not only to walk home with a bundle of petals and stems in my reusable bag, then to enjoy the earthy, floral scents they leave in my house. 

next up, an actual, living plant. 
that i water and trim and try to keep alive. 
oh, the pressure.

ok, i know i am a child of the 80s but please tell me this credit card car self-serve car wash thing is new!
i was driving home from my sister's house when i spotted the oh-so-familiar stalls. 
and because the good people in the world are washing their cars on their lunch break, i thought i could make some time to wash mine on the weekend. 
i pulled in, rummaged through my purse, glove compartment, jean pockets, and under the seat to find all the dolla' bills and coins i could. i get out, money in hand, ready to go get my car wash coins!...when, i notice there, on mission control deck, that they accept credit cards. WHEN did this start!? 

i ended up paying $11 to wash my own car, by myself. 
turns out, while convenient, i am waaayyy slower when i don't have a time limit, so the credit card deal may be a rip-off but i was impressed anyway. 
my, times they are a changin'.

oh, look!
another gratuitous shot of the dog that lives in my house. 
do you think he's here to stay? 
he even got dressed for this photo. 

true story about his new gear. 
we walked to our local pet store...about a 20 minute walk i found out. 
anyway, when we walk in, they tell me that there's a special word of the day. 
and if i guessed it, we got a prize. 

the word was kibble. 
we won a bandana. 
the end. 

it's friday! friday!
fun, fun, fun, fun. 



  1. please tell me that you hosed and scrubbed the best you could in a skirt or a suit?

    also, I'm coming over to cuddle Easton... but I don't think my car will make it, so I'm walking. see you in 10 years.

  2. Love the dog! Love the flower! Happy Friday :D

  3. Vic...now I have Sheryl Crow in my head...but I can totally see you scrubbing your car....The dog is precious!

  4. so happy you ladies saw my song reference. i just love those! and you guys!