June 2, 2011

goin' up california with an achin' in my heaaaaarrrrt. part one.

road trips are super cool. super cool like picnics or camping or going to disneyland!
wait, all of these kinda could involve a road trip...ok, maybe i just like trips.

anyhoo, the hank and i went on one this last weekend. we decided on tuesday that we'd make the haul up to sequoia national park and walk inside some big ass trees. {sorry for ditching your bbq, mom. me = worst daughter ever.} but oh, what big ass trees we did see! we attacked those trees - walked through them, walked around them, hugged them, touched them, sang to them, danced for them, meditated with them, et cetera, et ceteraaaaa. and look, we took pictures of all the fun! yeeeaaaah.

we're goin' in.

it's official, we're tree huggers.
note hank's serious full body hug. note my middle school boner dance hug.

not only can you see right through that tree but check out the moss all over it's tree friends! hank felt right at home here. he's not a tree but he did grow up around them. 

tree = wood = shelter.

that there's some serious roots.

nature's heaviest fishing pole.

i apologize for the serious lacking in fashion here. we were just driving through and didn't pack for 39 degree weather. it was a quick, try and find anything warmer than tank tops and flip flops! moment.
jeans with sneakers? um, no.

Oo, that reminds me!!
the first time i went back home with hank, to his home state of connecticut, 
he wanted to take me to his old watering hole. his friends were going to be there
 and i'd get to meet them all. i got dressed and chose jeans, heels and a cute top. i walked out
to tell him i was ready to go; he looked at me like i was an alien and suggested i change - 
that i was too overdressed, that i might consider wearing my sneakers with jeans instead. 
um, what? 
no, i will not wear my running shoes with jeans. nope. 
he pleaded that i change, explaining that i wouldn't fit in. that girls there didn't wear heels. 
so, to appease and not embarrass my new bf, i did it. i basically looked like i do in the above pics.
but at a BAR, with other people, people that weren't hiking. 
and i bet you can guess what all the other ct gals were wearing in that bar. 
yes, yes, heels and jeans. 
eff balls. 
end, scene.

so yeah, it was cold there. luckily! on our way back down south, it got much warmer - beautiful in fact. we stopped in and around SLO and rode the 1 all the way home. it was lovely. 

stop in tomorrow-ish to see pics from the sunny side of the road trip! 

hey, guess what!? it's friday already!! enjoy it peeps. 


  1. Um.. did a birdie take the picture of you guys hugging the tree?
    I just laughed so hard.. at everything.. Brian's face and the comments mostly.. HA!

  2. mant - these two biker guys were on the trail with us and snapped some shots of us. as we did for them. tit for tat, ya know.

  3. Looks like an awesome trip.... way cooler than a bbq ! :)

  4. I'm reading it late afternoon in the office, and hankering for an escape...Oh big woods! Forest is my favorate scene.