June 21, 2011

facebook is creepy

does facebook group like posts together to creep me out? 
if so, please stop
i'd feel better believing that all updates are random and unfiltered.

two easter posts, one right after the other, in june? 

facebook, you are officially creepy. 
also creepy, evidence that i'm checking facebook in the 7 o'clock morning hour. i'm so cool.



  1. Hey girl love the blog and no I'm not usually a poster of these sorts :) BUT I wanted to let you know that in this once case facebook isn't creepy...it was June and yes Sandi found 3 easter eggs hidden in a bunch of bushes on our walk! That's why I was shocked AND the fact that she was so proud she found them hence our need for an Easter egg hunt next year :) So at least that post wasn't so creepy can't speak for the one before mine :) xo Kelly