June 17, 2011

east end boy meets west end girl, in a bar

yeah, you should probably play this song while reading. 
or after you read, to cool down, like a cigarette after sex. 
either way, it's bomb digs.

remember when i mentioned telling the story of how i met the hank?

well, it feels a little like story time, people.
so, sit back, relax and let me tell you the tale of how we met.

it was 2006. 

there was a me:

and there was a hank:

if you know san diego at all, you are familiar with pacific beach. it's a special little area where people [read: college students and beach lovers] like to party. 

we. like. to party. we like, we like to party. 

knowing some beach lovers, i found myself there one lovely june night. and on this same night, hank, with wingman in tow, was also in pb. and wouldn't ya know it, we were both at the same place at the same time.

this place/club/bar, was called tropicoso. anyone? anyone? ... well, no offense to my latin peeps, but this place was gross. and small. and hot. and lame. so lame, in fact, that it has since closed down. [now what will we show our children when they ask where we met!?!] anyhoo, a friend of my friend was having her birthday party there. and this same friend, had another friend, who knew a guy, who lived with hank. ya catch that? and so, we were both at the same lame-ass bar because someone was having a birthday party and because we were both horny, any bar will do...i mean, go with the flow types.

now, i was only about 2 months out of a 7.5 year relationship (ouch!) and ready to stay single and mingle, like, indefinitely. and hank had only lived in san diego for about 2 months since moving from the east coast. as you can imagine, mingling with beachy california gals was number one priority on that guy's list. 


as i mentioned, the bar was less than awesome and all we both wanted to do was meet someone sexy and make out with them. sure-fire cure for boredom, i can promise you. hank, with his timid side in full swing, might never had made a move. luckily for us, i am not shy. [hello tampon stories!] i enlisted my friend to help me find a hot piece of a.s.s. and as we were walking back from the bar, she said: that guy in the hat is cute. i look right at him and say: oh yeah, he is! we walk over to our table, set our drinks down, talk for a bit and then i start to look for him. i can't find him. i even tell her in desperation: i've lost the guy in the hat! 

well, shoot. 

so this friend's friend with the birthday had reserved the VIP area. it was up some stairs, a sort of juliet balcony, if you will. we would look down on all the romeos and judge them one by one. i was sitting up there, looking furiously for my romeo in the hat. and then, finally! eureka! there he is, walking by. i lean over the side of my balcony and tap him on the shoulder. he looks up at me and smiles. [i die]

v: hi! i'm vicki. what's your name?
h: i'm brian. (did you know hank's real name is brian??? oh man, we are getting so personal now)
v: how old are you?
h: 24
v: ME TOO! do you want a drink?
h: i already have one. 
v: but it's free!
h: well, ok. 
v: great! i'll meet you down there. 

i get two drinks from our VIP supply and walk down the steps to him. he's sitting along the wall with a saved seat for me and his free drink. a little flirt here, a little flirt there. i asked him: so, do you believe in god? - now, this was a very important question for me. if you've read this blog, you already know how i feel about these things. he answered: i'm not really religious but i would say that i'm spiritual and believe we're all connected somehow. 


so of course then i kissed him. a lot. i'm pretty sure he liked it because the compliments started pouring out. aha, he had game. this was getting better and better. through the rest of the night, we talked, kissed, laughed, smoked (i know, so gross) and made our way through many a drink. when it was time to go, he asked me to come home with him. being the single gal that i was, i grabbed his hand, looked him straight in the eye and said: ok. but i am not having sex with you. he smiled his darlingest smile and said: oh i know, we'll just talk. 


if you must know, we didn't have sex that first night. i mean, what kind of a girl do you think i am!? sheesh. nope, nope, i waited 'til the next time i saw him.


ask either of us and we'll tell you, we've been inseparable since that night. every chance we got, we spent together. and it was only around august, when we were lying in bed and i nervously said: i think i'm falling in love with you. he grabbed my hand and said: i'm right there with ya. 


and then we got married!

oh wait, did i skip a step? 
you mean you want to know how love led to marriage? 

well, alright. but i'll save that story for another night. 



  1. Best post ever!!! I knew the story already but it doesn't get old!

  2. You give me hope that my next one night stand just might be the ONE...wait, what?

  3. 1) that song is my JAM! and I love you for including it.
    2) fantastic post! gave a literal lol at your first question. awesome.
    3) you need to find a way to get to OH next month. I know Ali is with me.

  4. HA! just keep at it michelle!

    sarah - of course that's your jam! i love you muchos and if i can fit in ali's suitcase, you know i'm there. dear jacci, can i crash your wedding?? thanks! ;)

  5. oh my god, this is my fave post of yours ever. Sean & I met in a ridiculously similar way... mutual friends and drunken talking, making out, talking of sensitive matters like my bowels. also, Sean is the timid one too. twins, I'm telling you.

    I want to hear more!

  6. @mandeefofands, bowel talkin makes hank hot too. twin love!!

  7. I adore this story because not only is it the story of your greatest love with Hank but it's also the story of your greatest love with ME. I'm so glad he did all the work to find my bestie.

    Also, GODDAMN YOUR CALVES WOMAN. You so sexy.

  8. Love your story Vic. Can't wait to hear the rest. Every single one of your posts makes me smile! In second grade language, we call it the "voice" in your writing. You earn an A+++++. Love you girl!

  9. I love this story! And to think, you can actually meet a decent guy in PB. Now I can justify all the drunken make outs I've had whenever I go out. I'll just keep thinking of your story and telling my friends that it is possible!!

  10. Lovely story! I'm going to stop nagging at Jackie that I flirted to him first and initiated the relationship :)

  11. that's right susu! be proud of us bold ladies! :)

  12. just found your blog, i love it. this story is so funny & cute!