June 9, 2011

backwardly blue and random things

this blue door lives a block away from me. i see it often and never noticed how lovely it is. though, i think it's backward. which is ok, i suppose. i mean, who says a gate has to open on a certain side? give a little love to the left.

1. i was feeling tired today. it may be my new workouts catching up to me. i'm hoping that they will eventually do big, bad, awesome things to boost my energy and turn me into jillian michaels or julianne hough, but like, still mexican. i like that part about me. 
2. i have about 4 posts half-written, sitting in a word doc on my office computer. i get ideas in the middle of the work day and try to steal time to jot them down before they disappear. when i go back later to finish the thought, i've lost inspiration and it turns into drabble. maybe i'll post a collection of the pieces and call it poetry.
3. sometimes i like the smell of really random things. right now, i keep catching hints of my pimple medicine. it's clean and clear and it's probably 5 years old. i found it when i moved; it was in an old toiletries box. even if it's not working, i'm glad it smells nice. 
4. i planned on doing a lot of laundry and then working out when i got home this evening. instead, i turned on the tv and saw that house bunny was on. i kinda, seriously love that movie so i sat and watched it. totally worth it. 
5. i did go on a walk though and fell in love with the purple flowers on the sidewalk. i sooo wanted to lie down on my neighbor's lawn and wait for these flowers to fall on my face. i honestly thought about doing it. instead, i stood around for a while, taking pictures. it was half as satisfying. dang, i need me a meadow. 


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