June 14, 2011

babble, babble. congrats! babble, babble.

not blogging for two days really gets me down. 
i sit down each day with the intent to write and there are some days that it just doesn't come. 
rather than force the issue, i close my laptop and move on. 
i do this because i want this blog to be something i love, something that flows freely and honestly. 
i don't want to feel obligated to write, much more, i want to feel compelled, inspired to write. 
yet, when it doesn't come naturally, i feel guilty. 
i feel like a slacker. 
i feel like i've bottled up so many words that they stifle me. 
they can cause my day to drag, my mood to depress, my progress to halt. 
so here i am, babbling like a brook, bubbling over stuttering stones and tricky twigs, in the hope that it will lead to a sea of thought and creativity.

as i find my way down the ravine, allow me to send some congratulatory propage to my ladybird, jamie. she bought a condo - a freaking home, all her own. i'm so very happy and proud of her. hank and i have tried more than once to get in this game  but it was not to be. knowing all the stress that comes with making such a big purchase and commitment, i can't wait to celebrate her at a housewarming party that i'll be throwing in august.
you should totally come.

here she is, homeowner of the month!

yep, that's what she's got. congrats mims!

goodnight ya'll.