June 30, 2011

i'm off!

...on another east coast adventure!
sure to bring you many photographs and word stories. so sit tight!

and ponder how and when i met bambi...


June 28, 2011

on hangovers and the night before

i love thought catalog. 

have you heard of it, because you might too.

anyway, i read this the other day and was like,
ohhh shiiiit, that's me. 

[see: not experiencing shame after a night out]

it's so true.
i'm pretty sure last saturday night prompted serious bouts of sunday morning/afternoon/evening anxiety over an unbuttoned top, exposed bra and random flashing of said things, while dancing and telling new bar friends that they should all get on facebook so we could friends there because if we're not, i'll probably never see them again. 

i mean, c'mon - like i'm the first person to ever do that. freels. 

i also really love someecards


things i did instead of yoga this weekend

saturday mornings bring what is becoming my most favorite yoga class.
held in a tiny studio, it feels like a private session and since the teacher is so great, it's practically perfect in every way.

so it should be no surprise that i look forward to this each week. but when i woke up after our friday night date, where we drank an entire bottle of wine...

well, i decided to stay on the couch and veg-out a little. and then the many things i did over the weekend felt like a continuous stream of not doing yoga. like one of those movie sequences where if the actor had done one thing differently, they'd still be alive or married or beautiful. while my weekend not that dramatic, it's how i felt. i was straying from the standard.

we rode bikes. 
have i mentioned how great it is to let easton run while we ride bikes??
easy for us, tiring for him. 
quick and easy. 
what used to be a 40 minute run turns into a 10 minute ride. 
can you say awe. some. 

i admired my newly painted toes.
i tried to go au natural and not paint my toes.
they've been sadly naked for the last 2-3 months. 
well, it was time to revert to my old, colorful ways. 
isn't this blue so rad??

why are there two bags of mxn food, vicki?
did you have lots of people over to eat?
did you and hank order separately and therefore get two bags, each with your own food?
please, do tell. 
well, remember when i mentioned how drunk i was on saturday night....
hank and i asked our cab driver to drop us off at our local mexican joint. 
we ordered food, talked to strangers, got the hiccups, enlisted the entire place to help us eliminate said hiccups...and then walked home! 
where we ate the most delicious food we'd ever had. 
we sat in bed on sunday morning 'til 1pm or so - because we're old and hangovers are not our friends.
then, when we were hungry, we took our bikes (see above) and went back to the same place and got the exact same food. again. 
in less than 12 hours. 
nope, nope. not gross at all. 

(i am also noticing that i have not shaved my thighs in a while...well, my left one anyway. i'm too lazy to glance at my right. add that to the gross list)

but i've redeemed myself, friends!
because definitely high up on the "not gross" list: scoring awesome bargains!
all this from h&m. 
$3 awesomely striped, oversized sweater thing?
yes, please!

i think i shall take these lovely finds with me on my next trip!
because truly, the best thing i did over the weekend was buy plane tickets - impromptu ones at that - to go and meet my very first nephew, ever! 
hank's sister had a baby boy. his name is owen and we've been looking at pictures of him since sunday, desperate to hold him and hear him cry and see if he can wrap his little fingers around ours. 
eeeeeee. can't wait.

oh, won't my yoga teacher be so proud. 

June 27, 2011

photo booth monday! issue 2

i know my weekend looks redundant and boring. 
but guess what! it wasn't. 
also, after looking at these photo strips, i realize that the dark one at the end should really be first, 
if we're doing things chronologically. 
looks like we're not!

1. hangover mornings with coffee are totally ok with me. 
2. look, it's coffee mugs and hank's bed hair! is he topless?? 
3. easton trying to prove that he can keep a straight face. guess i owe him $5
4. me, trying to make him laugh - still, i fail. 
5. saturday night shenanigans. we went to the OB street fair for a minute - it was gross times a million. then we went to The Fleetwood and Jimmy Love's. i was beyond drunk. beeeeyond. 

i have even more stories and pictures to post later. ya know, to talk more about how drunk i was. 
get. excited. 

June 24, 2011

this just in!

text from le hank:

will you go on a date with me to Olivetto tonight?

text from moi: 

Yes! Yes! Yes!

ah, love. 
and pastaaaaa! 

do you see why i married this man?! 

just another random wedding photo.


iphone records

this week has been a wasteland for me. 
i come into work each day so exhausted and then struggle to get anything done. 
my focus is out of order. 
this brain needs a break. 

and rather than bore you with my ramblings, i'll let my iphone go on record. 
it is always with me. it is my constant companion (aside from the hank) 
and dutiful cataloguer. 

ah, so what do we have in store...

i usually invite this guy into my bed every morning. he sleeps on his own
fancy throne through the night but loves to cuddle in the early hours. so i indulge both of us for a bit. 
hank goes to work rather early, leaving a warm spot just waiting to be filled. and just look at that
tired face...awww.

i'm not a sporty gal. 
though i do have some seriously successful flag footballs games under my belt...
now, if bowling is a sport - and i assume it is, since i'm no good at it and hank is bombdigs, our weekly
sporting event is bowling. i sometimes go to support the team...and to eat nachos. 
hank decided to bowl a 246 in his first league week - prompting all his opponents to shit their pants as he explained to them that he only uses a "lane" ball. those balls have a name?? 
curiosity killed the lane ball usage and hank sought out his very own special boy bowling ball. 
he also has a retro ball that was my grandpa henry's, complete with their same name engraved on it. 

here he is, with his new bowling bat. 
it's called the natural, naturally. 

i've grown very fond of my local farmers markets. we have one in each neighboring town on every day of the week. the one is my 'hood is on fridays, from 3-7pm. it takes up only one block but it's so dang cute. they always have some musician singing at the far end where the flowers are sold. and the test tasting is even better than samples at costco! free berries, citrus, green elixir drinks, cheese, hummus, gluten free brownies, veggies...mmmm. 

even if i don't buy food, i like to get flowers. if not only to walk home with a bundle of petals and stems in my reusable bag, then to enjoy the earthy, floral scents they leave in my house. 

next up, an actual, living plant. 
that i water and trim and try to keep alive. 
oh, the pressure.

ok, i know i am a child of the 80s but please tell me this credit card car self-serve car wash thing is new!
i was driving home from my sister's house when i spotted the oh-so-familiar stalls. 
and because the good people in the world are washing their cars on their lunch break, i thought i could make some time to wash mine on the weekend. 
i pulled in, rummaged through my purse, glove compartment, jean pockets, and under the seat to find all the dolla' bills and coins i could. i get out, money in hand, ready to go get my car wash coins!...when, i notice there, on mission control deck, that they accept credit cards. WHEN did this start!? 

i ended up paying $11 to wash my own car, by myself. 
turns out, while convenient, i am waaayyy slower when i don't have a time limit, so the credit card deal may be a rip-off but i was impressed anyway. 
my, times they are a changin'.

oh, look!
another gratuitous shot of the dog that lives in my house. 
do you think he's here to stay? 
he even got dressed for this photo. 

true story about his new gear. 
we walked to our local pet store...about a 20 minute walk i found out. 
anyway, when we walk in, they tell me that there's a special word of the day. 
and if i guessed it, we got a prize. 

the word was kibble. 
we won a bandana. 
the end. 

it's friday! friday!
fun, fun, fun, fun. 


June 21, 2011

facebook is creepy

does facebook group like posts together to creep me out? 
if so, please stop
i'd feel better believing that all updates are random and unfiltered.

two easter posts, one right after the other, in june? 

facebook, you are officially creepy. 
also creepy, evidence that i'm checking facebook in the 7 o'clock morning hour. i'm so cool.


June 20, 2011

photo booth mondays. it begins here.

mondays can be rough. real rough. 

and as such, i've devised a plan to get yours and mine off to a fun start! 

by collecting as many photo booth strips as i can throughout the previous week(s) and exploiting featuring them here each monday, the day may feel brighter. brighter because we had so much fun last week, brighter because of all the fun to be had this week. 

and truly, who doesn't love a photo booth?

i think some explanations are in order.

from left to right...

1. bowling league bowler, at the alley, practicing with his new ball. no, that's not nerdy.
2. during a long car ride to los angeles proper. antsy is an understatement.
3. in a bathroom stall, at an in-n-out, on the way up to LA. she swears the phone did NOT touch the toilet
4. me and hank, sitting under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
5. just your average gal, making faces at her phone from the couch. 


June 19, 2011

Happy Pops Day

we went to brunch and then to see bridesmaids. 
it was his pick. 
clearly, i'm not the child of the milkman. 

love ya pops! 
enjoy the rad coffee maker. i'll expect some gourmet cafe very soon.


June 17, 2011

east end boy meets west end girl, in a bar

yeah, you should probably play this song while reading. 
or after you read, to cool down, like a cigarette after sex. 
either way, it's bomb digs.

remember when i mentioned telling the story of how i met the hank?

well, it feels a little like story time, people.
so, sit back, relax and let me tell you the tale of how we met.

it was 2006. 

there was a me:

and there was a hank:

if you know san diego at all, you are familiar with pacific beach. it's a special little area where people [read: college students and beach lovers] like to party. 

we. like. to party. we like, we like to party. 

knowing some beach lovers, i found myself there one lovely june night. and on this same night, hank, with wingman in tow, was also in pb. and wouldn't ya know it, we were both at the same place at the same time.

this place/club/bar, was called tropicoso. anyone? anyone? ... well, no offense to my latin peeps, but this place was gross. and small. and hot. and lame. so lame, in fact, that it has since closed down. [now what will we show our children when they ask where we met!?!] anyhoo, a friend of my friend was having her birthday party there. and this same friend, had another friend, who knew a guy, who lived with hank. ya catch that? and so, we were both at the same lame-ass bar because someone was having a birthday party and because we were both horny, any bar will do...i mean, go with the flow types.

now, i was only about 2 months out of a 7.5 year relationship (ouch!) and ready to stay single and mingle, like, indefinitely. and hank had only lived in san diego for about 2 months since moving from the east coast. as you can imagine, mingling with beachy california gals was number one priority on that guy's list. 


as i mentioned, the bar was less than awesome and all we both wanted to do was meet someone sexy and make out with them. sure-fire cure for boredom, i can promise you. hank, with his timid side in full swing, might never had made a move. luckily for us, i am not shy. [hello tampon stories!] i enlisted my friend to help me find a hot piece of a.s.s. and as we were walking back from the bar, she said: that guy in the hat is cute. i look right at him and say: oh yeah, he is! we walk over to our table, set our drinks down, talk for a bit and then i start to look for him. i can't find him. i even tell her in desperation: i've lost the guy in the hat! 

well, shoot. 

so this friend's friend with the birthday had reserved the VIP area. it was up some stairs, a sort of juliet balcony, if you will. we would look down on all the romeos and judge them one by one. i was sitting up there, looking furiously for my romeo in the hat. and then, finally! eureka! there he is, walking by. i lean over the side of my balcony and tap him on the shoulder. he looks up at me and smiles. [i die]

v: hi! i'm vicki. what's your name?
h: i'm brian. (did you know hank's real name is brian??? oh man, we are getting so personal now)
v: how old are you?
h: 24
v: ME TOO! do you want a drink?
h: i already have one. 
v: but it's free!
h: well, ok. 
v: great! i'll meet you down there. 

i get two drinks from our VIP supply and walk down the steps to him. he's sitting along the wall with a saved seat for me and his free drink. a little flirt here, a little flirt there. i asked him: so, do you believe in god? - now, this was a very important question for me. if you've read this blog, you already know how i feel about these things. he answered: i'm not really religious but i would say that i'm spiritual and believe we're all connected somehow. 


so of course then i kissed him. a lot. i'm pretty sure he liked it because the compliments started pouring out. aha, he had game. this was getting better and better. through the rest of the night, we talked, kissed, laughed, smoked (i know, so gross) and made our way through many a drink. when it was time to go, he asked me to come home with him. being the single gal that i was, i grabbed his hand, looked him straight in the eye and said: ok. but i am not having sex with you. he smiled his darlingest smile and said: oh i know, we'll just talk. 


if you must know, we didn't have sex that first night. i mean, what kind of a girl do you think i am!? sheesh. nope, nope, i waited 'til the next time i saw him.


ask either of us and we'll tell you, we've been inseparable since that night. every chance we got, we spent together. and it was only around august, when we were lying in bed and i nervously said: i think i'm falling in love with you. he grabbed my hand and said: i'm right there with ya. 


and then we got married!

oh wait, did i skip a step? 
you mean you want to know how love led to marriage? 

well, alright. but i'll save that story for another night. 


June 15, 2011

when the cat's away, the mouse may lose her marbles

easton doesn't have any dog food. i forgot to buy more. he's had a lot of peanut butter and stale hamburger buns today. so far, he seems to like it. 
i also tried to give him the butts/heads? of my mini bell peppers. he left them in an artistic display on the kitchen rug. so thoughtful, really.

i forgot to take the trash out last night so i did it this morning and it fell on the sidewalk. my neighbor had to help me pick it up. and after all that effort at 6:53 in the morning, i walked to the corner and saw my other neighbor pulling her can in. this meant i was too late. the can is still out there, justifying my hard work. 

i don't have anymore tampons left and i need them. fingers crossed that i don't get toxic shock syndrome for wearing the same one for 24 hours. grocery stores open early, right?

i washed a load of bath mats and forgot to put them in the dryer. when i took a shower today, i used my sweaty, running clothes to keep my feet away from the cold tile. the clothes were in a ball so i lost balance and fell on the floor. my butt was cold on the tile.  

i ran out of body wash and am using hank's irish spring soap. i smell like a man. multiple times today, i paused and thought, WHAT is that smell? oh, yeah, it's me, man-lady.

if you can't already tell, hank's away on business. 
things are a little off when he's not here. 

that's him, eating. 
maybe i'll forget to do that tomorrow too...you never know. 

come home soon, bestie best of mine.
i miss you and easton misses his food. 


June 14, 2011

babble, babble. congrats! babble, babble.

not blogging for two days really gets me down. 
i sit down each day with the intent to write and there are some days that it just doesn't come. 
rather than force the issue, i close my laptop and move on. 
i do this because i want this blog to be something i love, something that flows freely and honestly. 
i don't want to feel obligated to write, much more, i want to feel compelled, inspired to write. 
yet, when it doesn't come naturally, i feel guilty. 
i feel like a slacker. 
i feel like i've bottled up so many words that they stifle me. 
they can cause my day to drag, my mood to depress, my progress to halt. 
so here i am, babbling like a brook, bubbling over stuttering stones and tricky twigs, in the hope that it will lead to a sea of thought and creativity.

as i find my way down the ravine, allow me to send some congratulatory propage to my ladybird, jamie. she bought a condo - a freaking home, all her own. i'm so very happy and proud of her. hank and i have tried more than once to get in this game  but it was not to be. knowing all the stress that comes with making such a big purchase and commitment, i can't wait to celebrate her at a housewarming party that i'll be throwing in august.
you should totally come.

here she is, homeowner of the month!

yep, that's what she's got. congrats mims!

goodnight ya'll.


June 12, 2011

because weekends were made for fun

if i can recall correctly, i'm pretty sure this is sign language for man's best friend.


and look! 
even easton is pooped out from all the excitement. 

hope your weekend was full of all good things!


June 10, 2011

get your geek on

which obviously reminds me of get yo' freak on. get yo' freak on. getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha freeeak on. missy, missy elliott ya'll. uh, uh, uh, get yo' freak onnn. i might be dancing at my desk. and taking picture of myself on my phone, at my desk.

whoooo's that chiiiiick!?

my belle michelle inspired me to rock the eyewear today. we will be nerding it out in my homeland today. i wonder if i'll meet a cousin? or perhaps decide to stay on as a mexican national and lead my people to freedom! orrr, i'll just have some guacamole and return to my california birthplace.

it is the weekend after all and we know what that means!!! plenty of fun things, i'm sure.


June 9, 2011

backwardly blue and random things

this blue door lives a block away from me. i see it often and never noticed how lovely it is. though, i think it's backward. which is ok, i suppose. i mean, who says a gate has to open on a certain side? give a little love to the left.

1. i was feeling tired today. it may be my new workouts catching up to me. i'm hoping that they will eventually do big, bad, awesome things to boost my energy and turn me into jillian michaels or julianne hough, but like, still mexican. i like that part about me. 
2. i have about 4 posts half-written, sitting in a word doc on my office computer. i get ideas in the middle of the work day and try to steal time to jot them down before they disappear. when i go back later to finish the thought, i've lost inspiration and it turns into drabble. maybe i'll post a collection of the pieces and call it poetry.
3. sometimes i like the smell of really random things. right now, i keep catching hints of my pimple medicine. it's clean and clear and it's probably 5 years old. i found it when i moved; it was in an old toiletries box. even if it's not working, i'm glad it smells nice. 
4. i planned on doing a lot of laundry and then working out when i got home this evening. instead, i turned on the tv and saw that house bunny was on. i kinda, seriously love that movie so i sat and watched it. totally worth it. 
5. i did go on a walk though and fell in love with the purple flowers on the sidewalk. i sooo wanted to lie down on my neighbor's lawn and wait for these flowers to fall on my face. i honestly thought about doing it. instead, i stood around for a while, taking pictures. it was half as satisfying. dang, i need me a meadow. 


June 8, 2011

some things are hard

(that's what she said)

like avoiding this while waiting for your healthy, vegetarian sandwich at Henry's

ah! an entire bucket of goodness!!

so, so hard. 

i didn't! 

heehaahoooo. but i can only have 10 at a time. 
it's cool. 


June 5, 2011

goin' down california or part two

after a long day with large trees, we were ready to indulge in some city sights. 

we woke up to a sun-shiny san luis obispo, had breakfast at louisa's, visited antique stores and took some pictures. it was a mellow day of leisurely walks and even lovelier talks. 

we drove home all along the coast, on highway 1, windows down. we even found some more train tracks. 

oh sunny weekends, we love you.