May 24, 2011

failure to plan is a plan for success!

i know i promised you some more weekend flava but i'm going to blame the delay on fashion blogs, celebrity apprentice finales and sleep. but it will come, eventually. (that's what she said) it's just in the works until tomorrow or so. but the good news is i have some serious lunch stories for you.

ya know how all i eat is this?

well, today i couldn't do it anymore. i wasn't particularly hungry and when that happens, i can't make a decision on what to eat to save my life. seriously, i might die from pondering one day.

so, i sauntered sloooowwwwly from my car to the local "food court" and then only happened to end up at starbucks because i was creepily following two guys, eavesdropping on their entire conversation. (it was about their job, a construction thing. it wasn't even interesting. that's how bored i am) by the time they were holding the starbucks door open for me, i thought it'd be awkward to turn around and pretend like i didn't notice them. so i walked in and bot (have you seen this minified version of bought, yet?! it's sooo thru and nite and thx, etc.) two things.

do you ever stand in the starbucks line, half dreading your turn? like, how the hell am i going to decide what to get?!
i really love their chai latte. 
but sometimes, i like the iced vanilla latte better. 
i did get that black tea/lemonade drink for a few weeks a few years ago, maybe i'll try that again today!
 or wait, maybe i'll just have a coffee and spend less. 

this happens to me every. freaking. time.
again, death by pondering...

so i ultimately chose to go with a venti iced coffee with room. {this means i need space to put my milk and splenda in, betches!} i also got their protein plate because i've heard it's better to eat than to drink your lunch. unproven theory, i say. 

um, first off, i should send those construction workers a thank you card because my lunch was dank. wait, can i still say dank? 

secondly, this is my first real life experience to support the logic that just because you don't like the parts, does not mean you won't necessarily like the whole. i don't enjoy honey. i try it often (i do this with curry too) and still, nothin'. but mix it with peanut buttah and i am suddenly on the honey train, like sitting in the first class car. seriously, this stuff is deelicious. so delicious, it deserves a close-up.


so, there you have it. a starbucks endorsement and proof that indecisiveness can benefit your life in many a way. try it today! ponder some shit, wait it out, maybe eavesdrop on random people and see where you end up.

come to think of it, that's kinda how i met my husband. have i told that story yet? 



  1. hahaa! This was a great read, many el-oh-el moments.
    I think I've pretended to work long enough. See you soon for yoggedy-yoges!

  2. So funny Vic, great story!

  3. I'm SO glad you switched it up. And the protein plate was a good choice. I had rubio's today which was not a good choice. ha.