May 19, 2011

eat. repeat. laugh.

So, I just ate the exact same lunch as yesterday. I get into food routines quite often. For a long time, it's been turkey sandwiches from Subway. And now, as we found out yesterday, it's turkey SALADS from Subway.

I know, I'm dangerous.

So dangerous that I just lied to you - I didn't get the EXACT same thing. My cookie today is oatmeal raisin; yesterday it was classically delicious chocolate chip!

Adventure is my middle name!!

If my eating habits are not pathetic enough for you, maybe watch this. And then call my super rad sister-in-law and thank her for sending me random video clips.


1 comment:

  1. I am not even exaggerating when I say that I do that whole "I'm Samantha" in a deep man voice bit at LEAST once a week. particularly because my trashy aunt with whom I work has a SATC ring tone that drives me bonkers. she thinks she's Samantha or something because she's a single independent woman in her 50's.

    uh, so yeah. anyway. that clip was amazing. one of my favorite movies of ALL time.