May 18, 2011

east side stories

When my work was done last week, I spent a little time in NYC and then a little in New England before coming home. While I can't possibly share all the awesomely fun and lovely things that transpired, I can offer a few tidbits.

Here they is.

On Thursday night, my cousin took me to steps on broadway to take an intermediate theatre dance class. It was an hour and a half of serious shit and I was, by far, the worst dancer in that place. It was intense and surreal and super freaking awesome. I loved it. My body did too - it kept reminding me about all the fun we had for 7 days...sore abs, sore ass, sore everything.

ok, so the last picture is from center stage - so what if I've always wanted to be jodie sawyer

On Friday morning, I grabbed a cab to Grand Central - I was taking the train to Fairfield to see my Hank family. I had the most enlightening conversation with the cabby. What can I say, he started it. 

>So you going on vacation? 
- No, I'm here for work.
> Oh you work as model in the city?
-I'm sorry, what did you say?
>Model. Do you work as a model?
- Um, no. 
> Why not? You should try. 
- Um, no.
> You have Indian eyes, I think you could.
- I'm too short and fat to model.
> Oh, well then yeah, maybe not for you, eh? Hehe.

> You think too much. 
- Oh, thanks.
> You do. I can tell. I see many ladies in my cab. 
- How long have you been doing this?
> I am here 21 years. I am from India but now I love it here. So many pretty ladies in my cab. 
- Oh yeah?
> Yes, yes. One time two women make love in my cab and they say I can pull over and watch if I want. 
- Um, wow. So did you?
> No, no. I just want to drive my cab. I tell them it's ok though, you can do whatever you want in my cab. 

> Are you Spanish?
- I'm Mexican. 
> Do you speak Spanish?
- Yeah, kinda.
> I do too. I dated a Dominicana once and me enseno. 
- That's nice. 
> Yes, oh I love the Spanish women. Only the Spanish women. 
- You don't date Indian women ever?
> I did once but you see, they are different in uh, making love. Different from Spanish women. 
- Oh yeah? How so?
> Spanish women, they help you. Even if you are tired, they say it's ok and do all the work. And Indian woman, they just get in bed and lie there. 
- They don't help?
> No, no. Just lie there. 
(he quickly does a pretty decent imitation of a stiff corpse)
- Oh, you mean like a dead fish?
> Hahaha! Yes!  A dead fish. That is funny. 

On the train, I found a Hank look-a-like. They have the same hair, smooth and fine. They'll also have the same wardrobe soon because I promise you, this guy's outfit was mmmhmm good. 

Once in CT, I was able to slow it all down a bit and enjoy nature and scenery and quiet things. One such thing was the nap I took in front of the town library. I snapped a few shots of the scenery first...

this was taken with my iphone, no edits 
it was a dandelion bonanza out there

After I woke up, I was surprisingly patient and was endlessly entertained by a tiny little worm inching it's way across my towel. I could have kept shooting forever but a spider crawled off my face onto the towel and I figured it was time to get up. One thing about the east...bugs. 

If you can make it through this video, we should probably be friends. 



  1. I confess, I did not watch the worm but your cab conversation made me laugh out loud. I love the way you write Vic! Glad you had a fun trip.

  2. hahaha! I love cab drivers :) Sounds like an awesome trip.

  3. I think I'm going to start calling you Hemingway because your dialogue is FABULOUS. This is my fav post ever. Makes me realize how much I love you. Can't wait for our sleepover and some drinks in the city.

  4. No wonder you were so fascinated by that worm. How exhausting it must be to be her/him.

  5. I'm following you now:) So jeal you got to go to a dance class in NYC!

  6. ew. to the worm video.

    Word. to the Ali comment...nice dialogue w/ the cab ride. Made me Laugh Out Loud. Now, much much of that reallllly happened? ;)

    Love U.