May 27, 2011

the books lift up the light



ah, much better. 


  1. I'm very happy to see you're a Jodi Picoult her. Love the book shelf!!

  2. HATE Jodi Picoult. But love you and your book collection (and Michelle too, I guess) just the same :)

  3. Well, I love and hate Jodi Picoult...ha!
    I DO LOVE your makes me want to clean mine up right now...maybe even categorize them...
    maybe not go that far.
    Are you in a book club? I never thought I would be a book club person (too structured) but I have ended up in three (and one of them is my own on facebook).
    Do me a favor, if you haven't read Secret Daughter, go pick it up...fantastic!

  4. ok, not gonna lie. i was kinda upset that picoult was displayed so proudly in these pics. at the risk of sounding like a book snob (ahem), she's not my idea of a quality read. BUT i will say that i can get behind any quick and easy writing - plane ride readin, i call it. LOVE you ladies. Lena - ive been in book clubs before and reeeaaally love them. how can i be in yours without seeing you!?! my favorite part is always the get togethers after. :)

  5. I see a Koontz book, which means I love you even more.

  6. @mandee - One of my favorite books is The Watchers by Dean Koontz. Have you read it? So. good. xoxo

  7. omg, Watchers was amazing! I just read it last year even though it was published when I was like... 5 years old. haha!