April 27, 2011

your ranunculus are redonkulus

...and a weekend recap, three days late.

oh, where does the time go and how is it already weds-day?!

when last we met, twas earth day. i celebrated by having urbn pizza and reeediculous amounts of alcohol. i don't even remember walking home but i know it happened because people told me stories about it. i even put my pajamas on and folded my party clothes. i do recall making friends with some chick at a bar (I believe her name was LeAnne, Hiii LeAnne! I hope i'm spelling your name correctly. I worry about those things.) and that she told me it was ok to pull her cousin's hair. so i did, repeatedly. and she was right! cousin did not even notice. ah, things.

here's a picture from that night.
shown at about half-drunk.

if the hank were any hotter, he'd be the sun. IMO.

Saturday was my family's version of easter, per the usual. we do holidays on unholidays so that everyone can go see the in-laws or stay at home in their pajamas while not dealing with traffic on the actual holiday. we continued our age-old tradition of cracking eggs full of confetti on each other's heads. pretty much the main reason for celebrating easter. oh, well, that and chocolat. jesus loves chocolat. he told me, in 7th grade when i sat next to him in class. swear, this kid was always eating chocolat. did you notice, i'm french now.

sidewalk, dyed egg shells, confetti and crepe paper.  crepe! i'm so seriously french.

Sunday was the farmer's market and loooong walks. We were so pooped after that we took a 10 hour nap, on the couch, with food and television. my big accomplishment that day = ranunculus. lots of them. 

from the farmer to my chico bag.

from my chico bag to a vase. making our old shutters look just plain fancy.

close-up now. 

Oh, and i forgot to mention that also included in our 10 hour laaazy day...the printed word! yep, i read 3 local newspapers, from front to back. made me want to write for them but nothing new there. i even documented it with my midday snack and the picture of a scary mommie queerest

mmm, don't those clementines look delicious?? NOT from the farmers market.

ok, i think that's it. i'm pooped.
btw, hank came up with today's blog title. he said it to me in passing and i liked it. shared property, it's cool.



  1. Yay! I love the HCFM. I will be going with you next time you go!

  2. Great pic of you and Hank!! Love the flowers and the shutters...??? and YES confetti eggs are the bomb!